Approved EU food establishments

Approved EU food establishments

List of EU country' approved establishments

Austria (AT)

Belgium (BE) FR - NL

Bulgaria (BG)

Croatia (HR)

Cyprus (CY)

Czech Republic (CZ)

Denmark (DA)

Estonia (EE)

Finland (FI)

France (FR)

Germany (DE)

Greece (EL)

Hungary (HU)

Ireland (IE)

Italy (IT)

Latvia (LV)

Lithuania (LT)

Luxembourg (LU)

Malta (MT)

Netherlands (NL)

Poland (PL)

Portugal (PT)

Romania (RO)

Slovakia (SK)

Slovenia (SI)

Spain (ES)

Sweden (SE)

Other EEA Countries

Iceland (IS)

Norway (NO)

Other countries with special agreements

Switzerland (CH)

Faroe Islands (FO)

Greenland (GL)

San Marino (SM)

United Kingdom (Northern Ireland)

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Compliant establishments: areas of Cyprus without effective governmental control

Technical specifications for EU approved and certain other food establishments