Farm to Fork strategy for sustainable food

Farm to Fork strategy for sustainable food

Excerpt of mission letter from President Von De Leyen sent to Commissioner Kyriakides

  • The Farm to Fork strategy for Sustainable food is a key component of the European Green Deal. European food is famous for being safe, nutritious and of high quality. It should now also become the global standard for sustainability.

  • There are new opportunities for all operators in the food value chain. New technologies and scientific discoveries, combined with increasing public awareness and demand for sustainable food, will benefit all stakeholders.

  • European farmers and fishermen are key to managing the transition. The Farm to Fork Strategy will strengthen their efforts to tackle climate change, protect the environment and preserve biodiversity.

  • The Strategy will increase the level of ambition to reduce significantly the use and risk of chemical pesticides, as well as the use of fertilisers and antibiotics. The Commission will identify the measures needed to bring about these reductions based on a stakeholder dialogue. In parallel, the Commission’s regulatory framework will need to reflect scientific evidence on the risk posed by chemical such as endocrine disruptors.

  • The Farm to Fork Strategy will also contribute to achieving a circular economy. It will aim to reduce the environmental impact of the food processing and retail sectors by taking action on transport, storage, packaging and food waste.

  • Lastly, the Farm to Fork Strategy will stimulate sustainable food consumption and promote affordable healthy food for all. The Commission will help consumers choose healthy and sustainable diets and reduce food waste and will explore new ways to give consumers better information, on details such as where the food comes from, its nutritional value, and its environmental footprint.

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