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EU Pollinators Initiative

On 1 June 2018, the European Commission adopted a Communication on the first-ever EU initiative on wild pollinators. The Initiative sets strategic objectives and a set of actions to be taken by the EU and its Member States to address the decline of pollinators in the EU and contribute to global conservation efforts. It sets the framework for an integrated approach to the problem and a more effective use of existing tools and policies. The initiative sets long-term objectives (towards 2030), and short-term actions under three priorities:

  1. Improving knowledge of pollinator decline, its causes and consequences
  2. Tackling the causes of pollinator decline
  3. Raising awareness, engaging society-at-large and promoting collaboration

The Commission reviewed progress in the implementation and published a report on 27 May 2021. Based on this, and a broad consultation process, involving all relevant stakeholders, the Commission will revise the action framework of the EU Pollinators Initiative. For more information about the ongoing consultation, and how to contribute to it, please check below the section on the revision process.

For more information about the initiative:

For information about pollinator conservation actions undertaken across the EU:


Inter-institutional feedback

The Council of the European Union addressed the adoption of the EU Pollinators Initiative on 9 October 2018:

The European Parliament addressed the adoption of the EU Pollinators Initiative on 18 December 2019:

Recommendations of the European Court of Auditors of 9 July 2020:

The Council of the European Union addressed the Court’s special report on 17 December 2020:

The European Committee of the Regions (CoR) addressed the implementation of the EU Pollinators Initiative on 26 January 2022


Consultation on the revision of the EU Pollinators Initiative

The consultations aim to collect stakeholder views on the implementation of existing policies and to gather input on how to implement the objectives of the EU pollinators initiative and meet the commitment to reverse the decline of pollinators by 2030, as per the EU biodiversity strategy for 2030.

Given the broad interest in this subject, various stakeholders are being consulted, including the general public, scientists, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), farmers and other land managers, farm advisors, beekeepers, urban development and spatial planning experts, businesses in the agro-industry and food and beverage industry, and public authorities. All interested stakeholders are invited to explore the results of the public consultation on the Have your say website.

The following consultation activities took place or will take place by the end of September 2022:

  1. a 12-week open public consultationwhich took place from 17 March to 9 June 2022:
    • Factual summary report;
  1. consultations of Member States through Commission expert groups
  1. consultations of experts through nine thematic workshops:

A synopsis report providing an overview of the results of all consultation activities will be made available on this webpage following the closure of the activities.

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