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EU Ecolabel for Consumers

When you’re rushing round the aisles of the supermarket or picking up something from the shop, with so many green labels and claims lining the shelves, it can be hard to tell which ones to trust. The EU Ecolabel logo makes it simple to know that a product or a service is both environmentally friendly and good quality. It’s easy to recognise and reliable. The logo can be found on the packaging of every EU Ecolabel product:


Furthermore, browse through our EU Ecolabel Product Catalogue and Tourist Accommodation Catalogue to find currently awarded products and services! 

To qualify for the EU Ecolabel, products have to comply with a tough set of criteria. These environmental criteria, set by a panel of experts from a number of stakeholders, including consumer organisations and industry, take the whole product life cycle into account - from the extraction of the raw materials, to production, packaging and transport, right through to your use and then your recycling bin.

Life cycle

This life cycle approach guarantees that the products’ main environmental impacts are reduced in comparison to similar products on the market.

Fitness-for-use criteria also guarantee good product performance.

Take washing-up liquids: from the extraction of raw materials and factory production to packaging and use, every stage of an EU Ecolabelled product is checked to assess where the main environmental impacts of the product occur. With washing-up liquids, the biggest environmental impacts happen when products are used, as chemicals enter contact with people, when they are discharged into the environment through waste water and when packaging is disposed. EU Ecolabel minimises the use of hazardous substances and substances that may be harmful to the aquatic environment. Substances contained in the products are also highly biodegradable, so they are less damaging when they flow into the waste water system. Packaging is also reduced as much as possible and fitness-for-use criteria guarantee the efficient performance of the product. This means you can be sure your washing-up liquid is just as effective as any other on the market, but kinder to the environment.

The label has been awarded to thousands of different products across Europe, including soaps and shampoos, baby clothes, paints and varnishes, electrical goods and furniture, as well as services, like hotels and campsites.

So the next time you’re grocery shopping, booking a hotel, looking for a TV or computer, buying baby clothing or purchasing paint, look out for the official EU Ecolabel logo. The EU Ecolabel makes green choices easy.