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Do you have a complaint?

If you are aware of a product awarded with the EU Ecolabel on the market that does not comply with the applicable criteria, please follow the formal complaint process below:

  1. Fill in the “Non-compliance with EU Ecolabel criteria complaint form”, attach any relevant photographs and/or supporting documents, and send them to the EU Ecolabel Helpdesk at, or by post to:

    EU Ecolabel Helpdesk
    c/o adelphi
    Alt-Moabit 91
    10559 Berlin – Germany

  2. The Helpdesk may contact you to obtain additional information.
  3. Your complaint will be sent to the European Commission, who will assess whether the evidence provided is sufficient to start an investigation. The European Commission is under no obligation to consider a complaint if it is judged to be irrelevant or unsubstantiated.
    • REJECTION: If the complaint is judged to be insufficiently supported by evidence, a rejection letter (including the reasons for rejection) is sent to the complainant. A decision not to consider a complaint shall not be open to appeal.
    • APPROVAL: If the complaint is judged to be pertinent, the European Commission liaises with the Competent Body responsible for issuing the EU Ecolabel licence in question and sets a plan of action in order to investigate the complaint.
      • The Competent Body informs the licence holder of the complaint concerning the product under investigation, not disclosing the identity of the complainant. The Competent Body then undertakes a thorough investigation in order to verify whether the product meets the EU Ecolabel criteria for the product group in question.
        • COMPLIANT: If the product is compliant, the Competent Body informs the European Commission and the licence holder.
        • NOT COMPLIANT: If the product is not compliant, the Competent Body informs the licence holder of suspension of the EU Ecolabel licence for the specific product. The licence holder is given a three-month period to prove product compliance with the EU Ecolabel criteria. During this period, the use of the logo is not permitted. In case the compliance cannot be proven, the Competent Body shall withdraw the licence. The Competent Body informs the European Commission of the non-compliance.
  4. Regardless of the outcome, the Helpdesk will notify the complainant in writing, providing the findings of the investigation into the complaint within approximately six weeks upon a receipt of the complaint. This period can be longer or shorter, depending on the complexity of the issue in question.
  5. Once the complaint has been closed, the description of the way in which the complaint has been dealt with will be included in the complaints register.