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Soils can be polluted through excess use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides, but also through poor management of animal manure, slurries and sewage sludge. Irrigating with wastewater that contains for...Read more
In organic greenhouses, where crops are grown directly in the soil, the use of fertilisers and irrigation can cause salts to accumulate over the years. A German Operational Group is...Read more
Horizon 2020 thematic networks share knowledge for European soil health Healthy soils are vital for a flourishing agricultural and horticultural production. They are also better equipped to resist soil-borne diseases...Read more
Soil health is one of the key topics in Estonia’s agricultural policy. As well as a yearly celebration of World Soil Day and a Soil of the Year, Estonia has...Read more
Across the EU, more than 1500 EIP-AGRI Operational Groups are connecting farmers, advisers, researchers, businesses and others to tackle practical challenges for agriculture and forestry. Many of these Operational Groups...Read more
Healthy soils contribute to stable agricultural yields, healthy produce, biodiversity and vital ecosystems. To highlight their importance, the seventh edition of EIP-AGRI Agrinnovation magazine, published in September 2020, puts healthy...Read more
The seventh edition of Agrinnovation magazine places soil health in the spotlight. The magazine highlights innovative projects from across Europe exploring sustainable solutions for more soil health. This issue also features an update on EIP-AGRI Operational Groups, and inspirational stories from...Read more
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Operational Group idea: Using biofertilisers to help crops to cope with salinity

This Operational Group idea has been identified in FG 36 on “Soil salinisation". If you want to know more about it, check the final report of the Focus Group ...Read more