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What does EIP-AGRI consider an innovative project?

Innovative projects should aim to test a new idea or approach, or solve a problem related to agriculture or forestry. The results lead to more sustainable and productive agriculture and forestry.

Innovative projects can be

  • projects to develop knowledge required to solve a problem in agriculture or forestry
  • or projects that apply existing knowledge or experience to solve a problem in agriculture or forestry

The projects can achieve this by:

  • applying research results
  • applying or testing a new idea
  • or applying an existing successful experience to a new context

Would you like to share your Operational Group or your Horizon multi-actor project?

As a Horizon multi-actor project or an EIP-AGRI Operational Group project, you are required to produce and submit information in the ‘EIP Common Format’ template. The procedure to follow for each case is explained in the template itself. Please carefully read the instructions provided. Should you need further help don't hesitate to contact