A service point for the EIP-AGRI network

The EIP-AGRI Service Point acts as a mediator within the EIP-AGRI network, enhancing communication and cooperation between everyone with a keen interest in innovating agriculture: farmers, researchers, advisers, businesses, environmental groups, consumer interest groups and other NGOs.

The European Commission established the EIP-AGRI Service Point in April 2013 to connect people and facilitate innovation and knowledge-exchange in agriculture.

The Service Point provides the following services:

The Service Point spreads the word

In addition to the events and the website, the EIP-AGRI Service Point informs, engages and encourages the EIP-AGRI members through the EIP-AGRI newsletter, the Agrinnovation magazine, social media, and press to help agricultural innovations spread across Europe fast.

Contact the Service Point

You can follow the EIP-AGRI Service Point through social media:


The EIP-AGRI Service Point team




Pacôme Elouna Eyenga - Team Leader French, English, Dutch
Willemine Brinkman - Deputy Team Leader Dutch, English, French
Linda De Backer - Administration Officer Dutch, French, English
Véronique Rebholtz - Office manager French, English
Talia Laffon - Office and Events Manager French, English, Italian
Stijn Saelens - IT support Dutch, English


Farm Practice:  
Sergiu Didicescu Romanian, English, French
Koen Desimpelaere Dutch, English, French
Céline Karasinski French, English
Alexandre Morin French, English, Portuguese
Remco Schreuder Dutch, English, German, Portuguese
Rural Development:  
Margarida Ambar Portuguese, English, Spanish
Irii Raa Estonian, English
Eike Lepmets Estonian, English, Dutch
Science and Research:  
Emilie Gätje German, Dutch, English
Quico Ónega Spanish, Galician, English, Portuguese
Frank Stubbe Dutch, English, French
Beatriz Guimarey Fernández Spanish, Galician, English, Portuguese
Ann-Sophie Debergh Dutch, Spanish, English
Pille Koorberg - Support in Rural Development Estonian, English, German, Russian, Finnish
Lidwien Slothouwer-Schipstal - Support in communication Dutch, English
Frank van Holst Dutch, English


Ina van Hoye Dutch, English
Sarah Beigel English, French
Tine Defour Dutch, English, French, German
Eva Vergauwen - Graphic Designer Dutch, English


Andrés Manuel García Lamparte Spanish, Galician, English, French
Eneli Viik Estonian, English