A service point for the EIP-AGRI network

The EIP-AGRI Service Point acts as a mediator within the EIP-AGRI network, enhancing communication and cooperation between everyone with a keen interest in innovating agriculture: farmers, researchers, advisers, businesses, environmental groups, consumer interest groups and other NGOs.

The European Commission established the EIP-AGRI Service Point in April 2013 to connect people and facilitate innovation and knowledge-exchange in agriculture.

The Service Point provides the following services:

The Service Point spreads the word

In addition to the events and the website, the EIP-AGRI Service Point informs, engages and encourages the EIP-AGRI members through the EIP-AGRI newsletter, the Agrinnovation magazine, social media, and press to help agricultural innovations spread across Europe fast.

Contact us

  • By e-mail: servicepoint[a]eip-agri.eu

You can follow us through social media:

The EIP-AGRI Service Point team


Pacôme Elouna Eyenga - Team Leader French, English, Dutch
Willemine Brinkman - Deputy Team Leader Dutch, English, French
Linda De Backer - Administration Officer Dutch, French, English
Véronique Rebholtz - Office and Planning manager French, English
Samantha Rivera - Events and Communication Assistant French, English, Spanish
Jurgen Roman - IT support

Dutch, French, English


Farm Practice
Katrien Dejongh Audenaert Dutch, English, French, Spanish
Sergiu Didicescu Romanian, English, French
Kevin Grauwels Dutch, English
Céline Karasinski French, English
Alexandre Morin French, English, Portuguese
Remco Schreuder Dutch, English, German, Portuguese
Rural Development
Margarida Ambar Portuguese, English, Spanish
Pille Koorberg Estonian, English, German, Russian, Finnish
Iiri Raa Estonian, English
Science and Research
Susana Fernández López Spanish, Galician, English, French, Portuguese
Emilie Gätje German, Dutch, English
Beatriz Guimarey Fernández Spanish, Galician, English, Portuguese
Agnes Kivistik Estonian, English
Liisa Kübarsepp Estonian, English, French
Quico Ónega Spanish, Galician, English, Portuguese
Ineke van Vliet Dutch, English, Spanish


Sarah Beigel English, French
Tine Defour Dutch, English, French, German
Claudia Dominicus Dutch, English
Ina van Hoye Dutch, English
Eva Vergauwen - Graphic Designer

Dutch, English


Andrés Manuel García Lamparte Spanish, Galician, English, French
Annika Suu Estonian, English