EIP-AGRI multipliers

The success of the EIP depends on EIP-AGRI multipliers: people who share EIP-AGRI information in their own network.

We have prepared a toolkit which you can use if you want to share information about the EIP-AGRI with someone in your network.

If you are participating in or hosting an event, please let us know and we will add it to the rolling European Calendar and share it via our newsletter.

If you have any suggestions or ideas on how we can improve this tool-kit, please send them to: servicepoint@eip-agri.eu

General EIP-AGRI brochures

EIP-AGRI infographics

Our brochures contain infographics at the back. If you use these infographics, please mention the following copyright: © European Commission, 2014

EIP-AGRI Focus Groups pdf   png
EIP-AGRI Network (2015) pdf  png
EIP-AGRI Operational Groups (2016)  pdf  png
EIP-AGRI Service Point             pdf  png
Funding opportunities                 pdf  png
Horizon 2020 - calls 2015          pdf  png
Horizon 2020 - calls 2016 pdf png
Innovation Support Services      pdf  png
Research & Innovation across EU borders pdf png


EIP-AGRI in other languages

Browse our publications for brochures, infographics, factsheets and articles that have been translated by EIP-AGRI multipliers into:

Would you like to translate EIP-AGRI brochures or infographics (last page of the brochures) into your language? The EIP-AGRI Service Point offers the possibility to have the EIP-AGRI brochures / infographics in your own language. How does it work?

  • you provide us a list of the publications you would like to translate
  • we provide you a word document of these publications for you to translate 
  • you provide us with the translated texts of the brochures/ infographics
  • we put your texts in the EIP-AGRI brochure/infographic layout and mention 'translation courtesy of organisation XXX'
  • we provide you with a pdf or jpg file you can use for web or print or to include in other articles
  • we put the files on the EIP-AGRI website
  • we promote your translation through our communication channels

Interested? Please contact us at servicepoint@eip-agri.eu

Powerpoint presentation for universities

Use this 18-slide powerpoint presentation to inform your colleagues about EIP-AGRI. The presentation includes how EIP-AGRI can help you to speed up innovation in agriculture and forestry and how you can help EIP-AGRI. The notes in the presentation offer a standard text and background information so that you can fully prepare.

Download the original English version here.

Download the PPT for universities in Polish.

More information here.

EIP-AGRI multiplier logo

We have a custom EIP-AGRI logo for EIP-AGRI multipliers to use in their communications, publications and website.

The EIP-AGRI multiplier-logo consists of three essential parts:

  • multiplierbanner 'participating in':  please feel free to translate this text into your own language
  • EIP-AGRI logo: do not make any changes, please
  • funded by + European Commission logo: please feel free to translate 'funded by' and use the EC logo in your own language. You can download here the EC logo in all languages.

EIP-AGRI multiplier logo for publications

EIP-AGRI multiplier logo for website

Facebook banner

Standard articles

We have gathered some standard articles related to the EIP-AGRI Network, the Service Point and Operational Groups for you to use. Please feel free to copy paste whatever you can use in your communication. All press articles provided are as well free for use in your own publications. 

Download ready-to-use articles

European Commission Logos

Follow this link to find all European Commission logos and the rules for their use.

More information?

Please contact servicepoint@eip-agri.eu if you would like to receive more information.