EIP-AGRI multiplier toolkit

You are the EIP-AGRI network

The success of the EIP-AGRI depends on its multipliers: people who share EIP-AGRI information in their own networks. By spreading the word, you are helping the EIP-AGRI network grow. 

The toolkit on this page helps you to easily share information on the EIP-AGRI. It offers publications and infographics in your language and the EIP-AGRI logo for multipliers that you can freely use.

Freely use, reuse and recycle EIP-AGRI material

Did you know that you are welcome to use, reuse and recycle a wide range of EIP-AGRI materials in your own communications? This includes articles with general background information, press articles, pictures, inspirational ideas, logos, EIP-AGRI brochures and infographics, and much more. When using EIP-AGRI material, please mention the copyright © European Commission.

Standard EIP-AGRI information and press

What is the EIP-AGRI network? What does the EIP-AGRI Service Point do, and what are Operational Groups? We have collected standard material that helps you find out more. Feel free to copy-paste whatever you can use in your own communications.

Inspirational ideas and EIP-AGRI publications

EIP-AGRI logos

We have a custom EIP-AGRI multiplier logo that you are free to use in your communications and publications, and on your website. Managing Authorities and National Rural Networks are free to use the standard EIP-AGRI logo

EIP-AGRI multiplier logo for publications

EIP-AGRI multiplier logo for website use

Standard EIP-AGRI logo (for Managing Authorities and National Rural Networks)

  • Please get in touch with us at supportfacility@eip-agri.eu if you are part of a Managing Authority or National Rural Network, and you would like to use our standard EIP-AGRI logo.

The multiplier logo consists of three parts: 

  1. Multiplier banner 'participating in': You are free to translate this text into your language. The Service Point can support you in this. 
  2. EIP-AGRI logo: Please do not make any changes to this logo.
  3. 'Funded by' + European Commission logo: You are free to translate 'Funded by' into your language. The Service Point can support you in this. You can download the European Commission logo in your own language (and its rules for use) through this link



EIP-AGRI publications in your language



All EIP-AGRI publications (brochures, factsheets, infographics, magazines and more) are free for download on the EIP-AGRI website. 

Browse and download more than 25 brochures, 30 factsheets, 50 reports and much more in the publications section






The EIP-AGRI publications are available in 20 languages. 

Find publications in your language:

BG - CZ - DE - EE - EN - ES - FIN - FR - GR - HU - IT - LV - LT - NL - NO - POL - PT - RO - SISK - SWE




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