Innovation to Market (I2M)

I2M - Innovation to Market One of the key challenges in Europe for Active and Healthy Ageing (AHA) is the implementation and scale-up of cross-border innovative solutions. The aim is to support the transformation of health and care in the Digital Single Market, thereby reinforcing the links between the development of solutions by companies, start-ups, and researchers, and the expectations and needs of care providers, policy-makers, insurers and other potential buyers of these products and services.

The Innovation to Market (I2M) programme aims to improve the match between the demand side and supply side in AHA, by engaging in a dialogue and organising a series of activities that involve the two sides.

Overall activities

I2M is the most recent initiative launched at European level to foster the cross-border adoption of digitally-driven marketable solutions. This horizontal action is part of the European Commission strategy on the Digital transformation of health and care in the Digital Single Market. I2M initially addresses the AHA market, exploring what types of investments are made in Europe by both public and private sector organisations and identifying the gaps between demand and supply that create barriers for large-scale deployment.

Progress so far

Since late 2017, activities on I2M have included qualitative expert interviews with SMEs (supply) and procurers (demand) . These interviews identified, discussed and analysed the gaps between the supply and demand sides that are sustaining the barriers for large-scale deployment of innovations on the AHA market. They also identified the emerging opportunities. 
Experts mentioned that solutions exist and are already operating in the consumer space. The challenge is that those solutions are not interoperable with existing service models and practices.

An I2M survey was also undertaken among SMEs. It asked about the most pressing needs of that group of actors. Among the pressing needs are the need for a more transparent and rapid flow of information about the AHA solutions already available, and the organisation of “matching events”.

The results of the survey were presented at the Conference of Partners end at the end of February 2018. The session entitled “Innovation to Market”: Where buyers meet innovators in Europe” was chaired by Horst Krämer, DG CNECT. Speakers included the AAL Programme’s President Rafael de Andrés Medina and Kareen Forissier from EIT-Health. The session was moderated by ECHAlliance’s Brian O’Connor, Andy Bleaden and Alexia Zurkuhlen.


Link to presentation during the CoP:


What is next?

In order to develop a sound I2M Plan, the I2M group is analysing all the identified gaps and looking for measures that could improve the cross-border deployment of digital health and care solutions. Key opinion leaders and entrepreneurs will contribute to co-create the I2M Plan.

A face-to-face “I2M Stakeholder Forum”, involving key opinion leaders and entrepreneurs is planned for the first week in June 2018. Its content will be dedicated to the goal of a co-created I2M Plan that will facilitate the scale-up of innovative solutions for the AHA market. 

The Forum will be followed by two online stakeholder meetings. The format will enable the participants to co-create, using scenarios, the I2M.

The I2M Plan is currently being drawn up. It will encompass the outcomes of all the surveys, interviews and stakeholder meetings undertaken in order to provide an up-to-date and needs-based solution to the barriers of market access for active and healthy ageing SMEs. 


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