Action Groups Commitment tracker

Action Groups Commitment tracker

Welcome to the Commitment Tracker of EIP on AHA.
Here you can check the progress of the activities in the context of the EIP on AHA as reported by the EIP on AHA partners themselves.
Simply select an Action Group below and see the progress of each activity. From the same page, you can also export the data in open machine readable format.
If you prefer, you can directly access your commitments.

A1 Adherence to prescription

162 activities
204 results
51 regions involved

A2 Falls prevention

116 activities
92 results
77 regions involved

A3 Functional decline and frailty

237 activities
385 results
95 regions involved

B3 Integrated care

311 activities
327 results
132 regions involved

C2 Independent living solutions

162 activities
180 results
79 regions involved

D4 Age friendly environments

183 activities
253 results
111 regions involved