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7 - European economic forecast - autumn 2010

Author(s): Directorate General for Economic and Financial Affairs (ECFIN), European Commission

European economic forecast - autumn 2010pdf(8 MB)

The European Commission publishes comprehensive macroeconomic forecasts twice-yearly in the spring and autumn. These are presented in the publication titled ‘European Economic Forecast’ (EEF), where the Commission discusses the economic situation and outlook for the euro area and the EU, its 27 Member States, the Candidate Countries as well as the EU’s main economic partners. The publication also includes thematic chapters which elaborate in greater detail on issues of relevance for the EU outlook.

(European Economy 7. September 2010. Brussels. PDF. 232pp. Tab. Graph. Ann. PDF Free.)

KC-AR-10-007-EN-C (online)
ISBN 978-92-79-14809-5 (online)
ISSN 0379-0991 (online)
doi: 10.2765/37293 (online)

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