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European Construction Sector Observatory – Newsletter 3/2021 - Investments in the Construction Sector
Cyprus - National market surveillance programme 2021
CSR - REACH Authorisation decisions - OPnEO - Merckle Ulm
Contribution to the Debate on SEPs - Aims, Methods and Output
Contribution to the Debate on SEPs - Executive Summary
Contribution to the debate on SEPs - Analysis of key issues and proposals for improvement
Contribution to the debate on SEPs - Evolution of FRAND licensing in IOT ecosystems
CSR - REACH Authorisation decisions - Chromium trioxide - Hübner-Uses 1-2-3
COMMISSION IMPLEMENTING DECISION of 4.3.2021 granting an authorisation under Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council to SPOLANA s.r.o. for a use of trichloroethylene in the context of a review
List of signatories CPA
Summary feedback IIA of GIs
Directives communicated as completely transposed but against which the Commission proceeds with a formal infringement procedure for non-communication and the Member State has not notified new transposition measures to this respect (as of 10-12-2020)
New long overdue directives by December 2021 (directives due for more than 2 years not transposed by all Member States as of 10-12-2020)
CSR - REACH Authorisation decisions - TCE- Blue Cube
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