In this page you will find reports and analysis on the trends of internet use and online content provided by the European Commission as well as external studies conducted at the request of the Commission.

Digital Economy and Society Index Report 2018 - Use of Internet Services

The Use of Internet Services dimension accounts for a variety of online activities, such as the consumption of online content (videos, music, games, etc.) video calls as well as online shopping and banking.

Internet users are the most active in Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands. On this dimension, Romania, Italy and Bulgaria are at the bottom of the list.

The percentage of internet users that engage in various online activities, such as reading news online (72%), making video or audio calls (46%), using social networks (65%), shopping online (68%) or using online banking (61%) increased slightly over the last couple of years.

Archive Documents

Documents 2017

  • Use of Internet Services by Citizens in the EU 2017 (slides pdf)

Documents 2016

  • Use of Internet Services by Citizens in the EU 2016 (ppt)

Documents 2015

  • Use of Internet Services by Citizens in the EU 2015 (ppt) (pdf)

Documents 2014

  • Digital Inclusion and Skills in the EU 2014 (ppt/pdf)
  • Recent Trends in the Use of the Internet Services and Applications in the EU 2014 (ppt/pdf)

Documents 2013

  • Internet use and skills (pdf)
  • The mobile use of the internet (pdf)
  • Online content (pdf)

Documents 2012

  • Internet use and online content (pdf)

Documents 2011

  • Monitoring Internet usage and online content (pdf)
  • Monitoring trust and security (pdf)
  • Study for EC: Attitudes on Data Protection and Electronic Identity (pdf)
    This study presents the results of the largest survey ever conducted regarding citizen’s behaviours and attitudes concerning identity management, data protection and privacy.