The European Commission aims for an inclusive digital society which benefits from the digital single market. Building smarter cities, improving access to eGovernment, eHealth services and digital skills will enable a truly digital European society.

The digital society in Europe is being developed by siezing all the benefits that the Digital Single Market strategy provides. The European Commission is taking concrete actions for the development of cross-border digital public services and ensures the use of digital tools and systems to provide better a modern eGovernment to citizens and businesses.

The European Commission is developing policy to train European citizens in digital skills with initiatives like the skills agenda for europe. These actions will help Europe's growth in an increasingly digital society.

Digital tools allow access to better social care, health monitoring and recording through eHealth and ageing with inititatives like EU eHealth Action Plan and Telemedicine.

Smart digital technologies like the development of self-driving cars are being supported by the commission. It also encourages smart energy use in homes and for transport in order to have a positive enviromental impact.

EU-wide common emergency and support lines like the 112 emergency number and 116 helpline are being promoted to establish easily accessible harmonized services that would benefit all EU citizens.

The European Commission includes concrete EU actions in its strategy, to support projects related to jobs, employability, training, and social issues. You can read a set of success stories about digitisation, employability and inclusiveness.