Digital technologies transform entire business sectors with major impacts on the labour market and the society at large. They don't transform the high-tech sector only: they are disruptive for the industry at large, high-tech and low-tech industry alike. This public workshop brought together high-level speakers from the European Commission and relevant industries, competence centres, and key players in European digital technologies to share ideas on topics related to the reindustrialisation of Europe and the key role played by SMEs.

The workshop explored the progress achieved so far by the Smart Anything Everywhere (SAE) initiative and the impact it had on Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). The concept of the initiative is to facilitate the access of SMEs and mid-caps to the latest technologies in the areas of systems and components. The first results were presented together with best practices and lessons learnt. The future of the initiative was discussed and the corresponding forthcoming call ICT-4-2017 "Smart Anything Everywhere Initiative" was presented. Additionally, there was a discussion on how to continue this scheme under Work Programme 2018-2020.    

The objectives of the workshop were:

  • Presentation and best practices of ongoing innovation actions
  • Presentation of the forthcoming Horizon 2020 call on Smart Anything Everywhere ICT-04-2017
  • Inform the participants about the Horizon 2020 call on the SAE initiative by presenting the four focus areas of technologies:
    1. Cyber-physical and embedded systems
    2. Customised low energy computing powering Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) and the Internet of Things (IoT)
    3. Advanced micro-electronics components and smart systems integration
    4. Organic and large area electronics
  • Discussion of future plans for the Work Programme 2018-2020
    In the light of lessons learnt so far with SAE, participants discussed with EC staff possible directions for SAE innovation actions during WP 2018-2020.
  • Networking and synergies
    The workshop programme covered the main aspects of the initiative, the experience of the participating companies, and some of the experiments and applications developed under the initiative. SMEs will have the opportunity to interact with the main actors within the SAE community and were informed on how their company can benefit from the initiative.

This workshop was organized by HiPEAC in collaboration with the European Commission.

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Innovation Hubs Delivering results:

H2020 ICT-04-2017 Smart Anything Everywhere SAE Call

SAE proposal's pitches: