Representatives of online platforms and the advertising industry present individual roadmaps to implement the self-regulatory Code of Practice on online disinformation published on 26th September.

The detailed individual roadmaps contain concrete actions showing that platforms plan to extend their tools against disinformation to all EU Member States ahead of the EU elections.

Platforms roadmaps

Trade associations roadmaps

The Code of Practice on online disinformation and other initiatives set forth by the Commission are essential steps in ensuring transparent, fair and trustworthy online campaign activities ahead of the European elections in spring 2019. They aim at achieving the objectives set out by the Commission's Communication presented in April 2018 by setting a wide range of commitments, from transparency in political advertising to the closure of fake accounts and demonetization of purveyors of disinformation.

The Commission will support the implementation of these roadmaps ahead of the EU elections and will monitor their effectiveness on a regular basis.