The Commission proposes a draft Regulation to increase cross-border access to TV and radio programmes by simplifying copyright clearance.

The Commission proposed a draft Regulation laying down rules on the exercise of copyright and related rights applicable to certain online transmissions of broadcasting organisations and retransmissions of television and radio programmes - COM(2016)594 – simplifying the rights clearance for broadcasters and operators of retransmission services (such as IPTV providers) that want to offer wider access to TV and radio programmes across borders.

53% of Europeans aged 15 to 45 watch TV and series online several times per week. 20 million EU citizens were born in a different EU Member State from the one they live in now. The new Regulation will increase consumers' access to more TV and radio programmes originating in other EU Member States.

The proposed Regulation addresses the difficulties related to the clearance of copyright in two ways:

  • By establishing the principle of the “country of origin" for the clearance of rights for certain online transmissions of broadcasters. This will help broadcasters to make the vast majority of their content (news, cultural, political, documentary or entertainment programmes for instance) available online also in other Member States. Consumers will have more choice to enjoy online programmes transmitted by EU broadcasters.
  • By extending the system of compulsory collective management currently applicable to cable retransmission to other equivalent digital retransmissions.

This proposal complements the existing Satellite and Cable Directive, whose aim is to facilitate cross-border satellite broadcasting and retransmission by cable.

All language versions are available in EUR-Lex.

Regulation and Impact assessment

The draft Regulation is complementd by an impact assessement, please read the details below: