Following the latest high-level governance meeting of the European Platform of National Initiatives on Digitising Industry, three Working Groups have been launched to discuss and make progress on the implementation of the Digitising European Industry initiative.

The high-level governance meeting of the European Platform of National Initiatives on Digitising Industry on 21 November 2017 gathered in Brussels representatives of Member States, national initiatives for digitising industry, European Public Private Partnerships and relevant European associations in order to discuss the next steps on the digitisation of European industry.

The discussions held during the meeting have led to the creation of 3 working groups that will further support the implementation of the Digitising European Industry (DEI) action plan.

Working Groups are key instruments to rapidly find information, collect best practices and formulate recommendations to the next high-level governance meeting.

Participation in the Working Group meetings is welcome. Please communicate us your interest.

Working Group 1- Digital Innovation Hubs, investments and skills

Engaging Digital Innovation Hubs to support a broad range of SMEs, develop sustainable models for services and collaboration through the network of Digital Innovation Hubs, and help businesses with training and skills development activities. It includes a reflection on an investment programme supporting all businesses, notably SMEs, to invest in their digitisation.

Working Group 2- Public-Private Partnerships

Reflecting on future partnerships for research and innovation as a means for strategic programming at the EU level across European, national and regional programmes and as a vehicle for critical co-investments on Europe's key digital innovation challenges. For more information, see here.

Working Group 3: Digital industrial platforms and standardisation

Reinforcing the pilot-based approach to jointly lead the global development of critical digital industrial platforms, including means to accelerate the essential standardisation of such platforms.

Upcoming meetings of the Working Groups:

Working Group 1

Working Group 2

Working Group 3

  • June 2018 (tbc).

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