This initiative aims at improving the conditions for startups to scaleup, create more jobs and enhance Europe's competitiveness.

Image of Commissioner Oettinger with a quote on the startup and scaleup initiative

The Commission communication on the Startup and Scaleup initiative is part of the strategy to make a deeper and fairer single market, creating opportunities for consumers and businesses and, helping SMEs and startups to grow.

The main proposals of the Startup and Scale up initiative are:

  • To remove barriers for startups to scaleup in the Single Market.
  • To create better opportunities for partnership, commercial opportunities and skills.
  • To facilitate the access to finance.

More detailed actions are summarised in a press release issued today by the Commission.

In Commissioner Günther H. Oettinger's blog, read also how important it is to gather founders, investors and corporates to help to implement policies and make Europe a scaleup continent and how initiative like the Scaleup Manifesto put forward targeted recommendations to policymakers.