Following an open selection process, the Commission appointed 23 experts to an Expert Group on Business-to-Government Data Sharing.

The group is composed of independent experts with a high level of expertise in the field, covering a broad range of areas of interest and sectors.

Mandate of the Expert Group

The Expert Group’s tasks shall be to:

  1. identify good practices on B2G data sharing in order to contribute to more efficient and better public service delivery and/or more reliable and evidence-based policymaking;
  2. assess the legal, economic and technical obstacles preventing B2G data sharing, and advise on actions to promote B2G data sharing for public interest purposes;
  3. give recommendations to the Commission on how to further develop its B2G data sharing policy.

In particular, the Expert Group shall:

  1. evaluate the principles, collaboration modes and technical means outlined in the Guidance on private sector data sharing and endorse a framework for B2G data- sharing;
  2. define and encourage B2G collaborations to test the guidance and facilitate the exchange of good practices amongst members and with the Commission;
  3. advise the Commission on new areas for potential support for B2G data sharing through the EU’s Research and Innovation Framework Programme or other programmes, and on future policy actions and next steps to enhance B2G data sharing.

The conclusions and recommendations will be published in a report that can be used as input for possible future Commission initiatives on B2G data sharing.

This group will meet a maximum of 5 times, as established by the call for applications.


First meeting — 29 November 2018, Agenda - Minutes

Second meeting — 27 & 28 February 2019, Agenda - Minutes

  • Discussion on Responsibility for B2G Data Sharing, repoting by Virpi Stenman, Spokeswoman for Responsibility and Member of the B2G Data Sharing Expert Group
  • Discussion on Sustainability for B2G Data Sharing, reporting by Stefaan Verhulst, Spokesman for Sustainability and Member of the B2G Data Sharing Expert Group
  • Discussion on principles of the guidance on B2G data sharing for public interest purposes, short introductory remarks by B2G Data Sharing Expert Group Secretariat


The Subgroups discuss the questions that can be found in the following Terms of Reference.

The Responsibility Subgroup is composed of: Linda Austere, Laurent Cytermann, Petra Konecna, Helena Koning, Paulo Nogueira, Nuria Oliver, Greta Schoeters, Virpi Stenman and Joost Vantomme.

The Sustainability Subgroup is composed of: Richard Benjamins, Dorthe Koerner, Juan Murillo, Dominik Rozkrut, Eva Schweitzer, Ioana Stoenescu, Stefaan Verhulst and Dimitris Zissis.

Background information

For more information on the policy this group reflects upon, please read the sections on private sector data sharing in B2G contexts in this Communication and Staff Working Document:

B2G Data Sharing is part of a broader Commission policy on how to build a European data economy in the European Union.

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