A web-based information session will provide further details for prospective applicants to the Platforms and Pilots topics under the Focus Area "Digitising and Transforming European industry and services". The current calls close on 14 November 2018.

The Digitising European Industry initiative includes the launch of a set of initiatives supporting the building of the digital industrial platforms of the future. The EU has launched several calls in the Horizon 2020 programme to advance in the development of digital industrial platforms and their piloting. Platforms and Pilots are a key part of the Horizon 2020 Focus Area on Digitising and Transforming European industry and services.

Open Calls for Proposals

On 10 September 2018, the European Commission will offer a web-based session to provide information on the following topics for which a call for proposals is currently open:

The call opened on 26 July 2018 and the deadline to submit proposals is 14 November 2018.

Agenda for the session

  • 10h00: Introduction, by Rolf Riemenschneider and Arian Zwegers
  • 10h30: DT-ICT-08-2019, Agricultural digital integration platforms, by Joel Bacquet and Louis Mahy
  • 11h15: DT-TDS-01-2019, Smart and healthy living at home, by Peter Wintlev-Jensen and Monika Lanzenberger
  • 12h00: Lunch break
  • 13h30: DT-ICT-10-2018-19, Interoperable and smart homes and grids, by Mark van Stiphout, Svetoslav Mihaylov, and Rolf Riemenschneider
  • 14h30: DT-ICT-13-2019, Digital Platforms/Pilots Horizontal Activities
    • 14h30: a) Support pilot activities and knowledge transfer across different sectors, by Rolf Riemenschneider
    • cont.  : b) Legal, regulatory and security support, by Rolf Riemenschneider
    • 14h45: c) Preparation of a digital industrial platform for the construction sector, by Arian Zwegers, Lutz Koeppen and Josefina Lindblom
  • 15h00: Ideal-ist support for brokering & partnerships for H2020 proposals, by Edina Nemeth
  • 15h15: Closure

More information about these topics, possible proposers and details for submission can be found on the Research Participants Portal.

Webinar recording and presentations

The presentations and the recording of this webinar are available here.

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