In the FET Work Programme for 2016-2017, the FET Proactive call "Boosting emerging technologies" consists of 3 topics: "Emerging themes and communities"; "FET ERANET Cofund in Quantum Technologies" (both with deadline on 12 April 2016), and "FET ERANET Cofund" (deadline in January 2017).

FET Proactive Emerging Themes and Communities

The aim is to mature four novel areas (with a total of 10 related subtopics) by working towards structuring emerging communities and supporting the design and development of transformative research themes.

Area 1: Future technologies for societal change

  • Being human in a technological world
  • New science for a globalised world

Area 2: Biotech for better life

  • Intra- and inter-cell bio-technologies
  • Bio-electronic medicines and therapies
  • Cognitive neuro-technologies

Area 3: Disruptive information technologies

  • New computing paradigms and their technologies
  • Quantum engineering
  • Hybrid opto-electro-mechanical devices at the nano-scale

Area 4: New technologies for energy and functional materials

  • Ecosystem engineering
  • Complex bottom-up construction

Please note that a proposal submitted for one of the 10 subtopics in "FET Proactive Emerging Themes and Communities" will be competing with all other proposals submitted, and in particular with proposals submitted to other subtopics in the same area (till the maximum budget per area). We don’t expect just a single proposal to be submitted for each subtopic, and there may be multiple projects funded in a subtopic. This depends on the budget requested by the proposals and on the evaluation results in all the other subtopics. For more information, check also the FAQs.

Call deadline: 12/04/2016

Total budget: €80M (Research and Innovation Actions). The funding budget per area is with a maximum of €20M for each of the areas 1 and 4, and a maximum of €30M for each of the areas 2 and 3.

See further information about the "FET Proactive Emerging Themes and Communities" topic on the Participant Portal, contact us for questions.

A FET Open and Proactive Information Day was organised to provide more details on the above topics, you can check the slides and presentations (videos included). You can use the #D4Science platform to start networking with your peers around these 10 subtopics.


FET ERANET Cofund in Quantum Technologies

This topic is only open to proposals from organisations managing research funding programmes. If you represent such an organisation and are not already involved in a proposal then please contact us as soon as possible.

Call deadline: 12/04/2016

Budget: €10M (ERA-NET Cofund)

More information on the "FET ERANET Cofund in Quantum Technologies" topic is available on the Participant Portal.