The aim of the 2015 International Year of Light was to build bridges between scientists, industry and policy-makers, to explain how photonics provides solutions to global challenges and also to promote education in science and engineering among young people, thus really reaching all audiences. The success obtained by the IYL2015 will continue to inspire activities in the years to come.

According to Prof. John Dudley (Steering Committee Chair), the International Year of Light and Light Enabled Technologies has been amongst the most successful and visible of any United Nations science observances so far.

Impressive numbers have been reported during the last Annual Meeting of the Photonics PPP, where Prof. Dudley gave an inspiring speech, about the outcomes of  IYL2015.  Activities have been organized in 148 countries on all continents reaching millions of people.  6000 events have been tracked & documented so far, with many activities still ongoing. Website and blog access were recorded from 191 countries (of the 196 possible), with15000 media mentions, 3500 tweets, 4 Millions impressions, 100+ videos and 5 musical compositions and even stamps and coins from 25 countries.

The website and blog are still active.  Two of  the many reasons to continue visiting the site are the new resources that have been made available for free download. They can be considered as a part of the testimony left from those who so actively supported this initiative to those that will engage in the years to come, proudly continuing the journey.

The book 'Inspired by Light: Reflections from the International Year of Light' contains a selection of 56 contributions written by authors from 24 countries covering all of the major themes of the year. The contributors range from research students to a Nobel laureate, and from industry professionals to representatives from NGOs.

The e-book 100 educational activities about Light and Photonics, curated by Silvia Simionato and Pedro Russo from the Universe Awareness Programme (UNAWE) based at Leiden University (the Netherlands) was produced within the framework of EC project LIGHT2015 aimed at promoting the importance of photonics to young people, entrepreneurs and the general public in all Member States of the EU.