Imagine you have an accident, you see a fire or you spot a burglary – would you know where to phone? - Phone 112 emergency number!


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112 factsheet for kids


Call 112

 Ambulance To contact any emergency service (police, fire brigade, ambulance)
 Ambulance In all 28 countries of the European Union
 Ambulance From your home, mobile phone and also public phones
 Ambulance For free


 Ambulance Call 112 in any emergency where police, fire brigade or ambulance is needed
 Ambulance You have seen an accident in front of the school
 Ambulance Someone is seriously hurt while playing
 Ambulance You see a house on fire


  If possible seek help of an adult first
  Otherwise, call 112 and explain the situation to the person on the line and try to explain exactly what and where it is happening
  Give your name, address and telephone number to the person answering your call


Do not...
  Call 112 to get general information (traffic, weather etc.)
  Call 112 if it is not a real emergency
  Make telephone jokes
  Hang up if you dial 112 by mistake