In this page you will find reports and analysis on ICT skills provided by the European Commission as well as external studies conducted at the request of the Commission.

Digital Economy and Society Index Report 2018 - Human Capital

The Human Capital dimension measures the skills needed to take advantage of the possibilities offered by digital.

In the Human Capital dimension, Finland, the Netherlands and Sweden obtained the highest scores, and Romania, Bulgaria, Greece and Italy got the lowest ones.

81% of Europeans go online regularly (at least once per week), up by 2 percentage points compared with the previous year.

43% of Europeans still do not have basic digital skills.

The EU improved slightly in the number of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) graduates (19.1 graduates per 1000 people aged 20 to 29 years old in 2015, compared to 18.4. in 2013). There were 8.2 million ICT specialists in the EU in 2016, up from 7.3 million 3 years earlier.

Archive Documents

Documents 2017

  • Digital Inclusion and Skills in the EU 2017 (slides pdf)
  • Methodological note (pdf)

Documents 2016

  • Digital Inclusion and Skills in the EU 2016 (ppt)
  • Methodological note (pdf)

Documents 2015

  • Digital Inclusion and Skills in the EU 2015 (ppt/pdf)
  • Background Document on the Digital Skills Indicator 2015 (pdf)

Documents 2014

  • Digital Inclusion and Skills in the EU 2014 (ppt/pdf)
  • Measuring Digital Skills across the EU: EU wide indicators of Digital Competence (read more)

Documents 2013

  • Internet use and skills (pdf)
  • Study for EC: Survey of schools - ICT in Education (read more)
    This study collected and benchmarked information from 31 European countries (EU27, HR, ICE, NO and TR) on the access, use, competence and attitudes of students and teachers regarding ICT in schools
  • Press Release of the study (read more)
  • Please consult the study data in our download data section 

Documents 2012

  • Monitoring digital competencies (pdf)

Documents 2011

  • Monitoring digital competencies (pdf)