A strong cooperation with the High Performance Computing stakeholders is key for the success of the High Performance Computing strategy. A contractual Public-Private Partnership on High Performance Computing entered into force in January 2014 to develop an ambitious research and innovation strategy.

What is the challenge?

The HPC cPPP's main goals and high-level objectives are to:

  • Develop the next generation of HPC technologies, applications and systems towards exascale
  • Achieve excellence in HPC applications delivery and use

The HPC cPPP brings together technology providers and users via the ETP4HPC Association and Centres of Excellence (CoE) for computing applications. The cPPP focuses on technologies and usage and applications (pillars a & c) of the European HPC strategy along with training, education and skills development.

The cPPP works in close cooperation with the EU co-funded PRACE e-infrastructure initiative providing access to the best supercomputing facilities and services in Europe to both industry (including small and medium enterprises (SME)) and academia, thus spanning all aspects of the value chain of HPC and all three pillars of the European Commission HPC strategy in Horizon 2020.

What is the budget?

The European Commission has pledged €700 million from Horizon 2020 Programme budget, and it is expected that the HPC cPPP will leverage a similar amount of resources in the private side.

Additionally, in the overall effort of the European Commission in High Performance Computing, the PRACE e-infrastructure has also supported:

  • The fourth implementation phase of PRACE received €15 million in 2015, and €15 million more are budgeted in the work programme 2016-2017.
  • The European Commission has committed €26 million in 2016-2017 to support a public call for innovation (PPI) for advanced (sub)systems to be used in the frame of PRACE.

How is it managed?

The Partnership Board is the formal communication channel between the European Commission (public side) and the ETP4HPC Association (private side) to discuss the Horizon 2020 HPC cPPP Work Program, the implementation of the overall program and policy related topics.

The ETP4HPC Association has established Working Groups and Activities which in particular are addressing contributions to the Horizon 2020 HPC cPPP Work Programme through a vision paper and a multiannual roadmap, and inputs to the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) as defined in Art. 7 of the Contractual Arrangement. A progress monitoring report is established yearly together by the Commission and the ETP4HPC Association.

The HPC cPPP is based on the Contractual Arrangement (CA) signed in December 2013, by Vice-President of the European Commission responsible for Digital Agenda, Neelie Kroes, on behalf of the public side, and the European Technology Platform for High Performance Computing (ETP4HPC) Association representatives on behalf of the private side.

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