The Graphene Flagship aims to take graphene and two-dimensional materials from laboratories to the European society to stimulate economic growth and create new jobs.

Image of a structure of atoms of a material

What is Graphene?

Graphene is a carbon-based 2D material with extraordinary physical and technical properties: it is the thinnest material, it conducts electricity better than copper, it is stronger than steel and has unique optical properties.

The Graphene Flagship

The Graphene Flagship is one of the first two FET Flagships launched in 2013 by the EU. It is one of Europe's biggest ever research initiatives: it coordinates over 150 academic and industrial research groups in more than 20 countries, and has over 70 associate members and 18 partnering projects. The Graphene Flagship activity involves more than 1300 researchers across Europe.

The Graphene Flagship's research effort covers the entire value chain - from materials production to components and system integration - and aims at developing applications in the areas of flexible electronics, printed electronics, 5G mobile technologies, batteries, aerospace, medical applications, filtration and automotive. Watch these videos explaining graphene applications for biomedical technologies, the internet of things and the automotive.

The Graphene Flagship's performance can be assessed through some key indicators (figures by mid 2017):

  • 40 patents applied;
  • 1500 scientific publications;
  • 20 new products launched.

One example of the recent remarkable breakthroughs of the Graphene Flagship is the first fully functional microprocessor made from graphene-like materials. It is a first step towards ultra-thin, flexible devices and holds promise for integrating computational power into everyday objects and surfaces.

Several Graphene Flagship outstanding research results and prototypes are regularly showcased at events such as Mobile World Congress, Composites Europe and Medica, among others.

You can find a collection of results in this Graphene Flagship leaflet and discover all the latest news on the Graphene Flagship website.

How to join the Graphene Flagship

Contributing to the Flagship's objectives and roadmap is possible through the partnering mechanism. It is designed for the research projects funded at national, transnational or European level and for research organisations or companies that want to join the Graphene Flagship and benefit from its network and visibility.

Become a partnering project or an associated member.

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