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Stakeholders such as businesses, governments, education providers and social partners can get involved in the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition at European, national and local level.

How to join

All organisations, groups or government bodies taking action to boost digital skills in Europe can become members of the Coalition by endorsing the objectives and principles of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition Members Charter. Fill in the members form to join the Coalition.

As a second step, members are encouraged to make pledges for action in the areas identified in the Charter. Fill in the pledge form to make a pledge to the Coalition.

Join our LinkedIn community to get in touch with the other members of the Coalition.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who can join the Coalition?
Any public or private organisation, including governments (EU Member States, EFTA, neighbouring and candidate countries), who can support the objectives of the charter.
What is the role of a member and what does it entail?
Members are organisations who are encouraged to support the objectives and actions of the Coalition as outlined in the Charter. By endorsing the Charter you agree in principle with the actions listed in the Charter but you do not commit to support all of them. You are encouraged to take concrete actions according to your interests and capability. The membership will allow your organisation's logo to be placed on Coalition related communications. Each member will receive a member badge that will be sent to you once your membership request is approved. As a member you will receive information about activities and invitations to meetings related to the work of the Coalition. Moreover your organisation may be consulted when relevant to contribute to the shaping of the Coalition roadmap.
What is the role of a pledger and what does it entail?
Pledgers are Coalition members who submitted one (or more) pledge(s). A pledge is a concrete commitment to carry out an action to reduce the digital skills gap in Europe, addressing one of the identified challenges/actions mentioned in the Members Charter. Members propose their initiatives by filling in the pledge template above. As a pledger you will receive a pledger badge that will be sent to you once your pledge is approved. You will also be informed about activities and be invited to meetings related to the work of the Coalition. Pledgers will be involved in the shaping of the Coalition roadmap and will be assisted by the Secretariat to support the progress of their pledge.
How can I use the badges for communication purposes?
You can use these badges to show commitment and participation to the Coalition and your support to the objectives and principles of the Charter. You can add the badge on your organisation’s website, social media, print materials etc.
Are all members expected to become pledgers?
No. Although we encourage all members to take a more active role within the Coalition and develop concrete actions, pledges are not compulsory.
We made a pledge. Do we have to endorse the charter as well?
Once your pledge is approved you become a member of the coalition and are assumed to endorse the charter.
Can I withdraw my membership and have my logo removed?
Yes, your membership can be withdrawn upon contacting the Secretariat. In this event your organisation logo will be removed in due time
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Claire BURY
On 1 December 2016, we launched the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition as one of the ten initiatives in the New Skills Agenda. The Coalition brings together Member States, companies, social partners, non-for profit organisations and education providers who pledge to take action to tackle the lack of digital skills in Europe.
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