Europe's Digital Progress Report provides an overview of the progress made by Member States in digitisation. It also details the policy responses by Member States to address the specific challenges that face them.


Download Europe's Digital Progress Report (zipped slides pdf, Staff Working Document 2017).


Broadband market developments in the EU 2017 (slides pdf)

Human Capital

Digital Inclusion and Skills in the EU 2017 (slides pdf) Methodological note (pdf)

Use of Internet

Use of Internet Services by Citizens in the EU 2017 (slides pdf)

Integration of Digital Technology

Integration of Digital Technology in the EU 2017 (slides pdf)

Digital Public Services

Trends in European Digital Public Services in the EU 2017 (slides pdf)

Research & Development

ICT Sector and R&D performance in the EU 2017 (slides pdf)

Horizon 2020 Research Projects in the ICT domain in the EU 2016 (slides pdf)

Europe's Digital Progress Report Country Profiles

Provides country-specific policy insights (More information)

Telecom factsheets

The telecom country chapters reports on telecom market and regulatory developments in each Member State (read more)