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ICT provides Europeans with better and cheaper tools to improve the quality and delivery of social care, health monitoring and electronic health records.

Europeans live longer, hence the costs of health and social care will rise substantially to about 9% of EU GDP in 2050. Digital solutions can be our most powerful ally to maintain cost efficient and high quality health and social care, as it empowers people of every age to better manage their health and quality of life, anywhere.

ICT for health, wellbeing and ageing: a triple win

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) can contribute by providing better services to manage your health and wellbeing. The introduction of ICT and telemedicine alone is estimated to improve efficiency of health and care by 20%. ICT empowers users of every age to better manage their health. The European economy can also benefit from a growing market.

By going digital we can achieve a triple win:

  • a better quality of life for European citizens,
  • innovation and growth for a competitive EU industry and
  • more sustainable healthcare systems for society.

The EU eHealth Action Plan covers areas as diverse as patient rights in cross-border healthcare, funding advanced research and development, and ensuring that electronic health record systems are compatible internationally.

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