The Communications Committee (COCOM) assists the Commission in carrying out its executive powers.

The COCOM is a committee composed of representatives of EU Member States. Its main role is to provide an opinion on the draft measures that the Commission intends to adopt. The COCOM deals with the current issues which form the Digital Single Market, such as:

  • Commission Implementing Regulation on Roaming;
  • The regulation on the measures applicable to the notification of personal data breaches;
  • The call for expressions of interest for the selection of the “.eu Top Level Domain Registry";
  • The implementation of the single European emergency number 112.

The COCOM operates

The COCOM was established in 2002 under the Framework Directive. Members of the Committee meet usually five times a year in Brussels. Observers from candidate and EEA countries participate in the meetings. Moreover, experts from European telecommunications associations may be invited in the meeting for specific agenda points. The Commission also organises debriefing sessions for the interested parties to inform them about the results of the COCOM meetings. The Commission maintains the common website (CIRCA BC) which serves as platform for all stakeholders to exchange information on the recent market developments and regulatory activities.