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Broadband initiative project of the city of Pirmasens | Germany This project aimed at establishing a sustainable broadband infrastructure without financial resources, in order to tackle the disadvantages of the remote location and connecting them to the... more Germany
Fibre to all | Municipality Vejen Vejen Municipality has had a target of fibre to all in the municipality before the end of 2012. The municipal institutions are connected through a fibre ring that has brought significant gains, and... more Denmark
Municipal Optical Fibre Network | Bassenge In Bassenge, municipal buildings are scattered in various locations throughout the county. It is therefore not easy to establish good communication between the different services. In order to... more Belgium
Regional broadband deployment Phase 1 | Auvergne The Auvergne region decided to deploy broadband infrastructure as a means to strengthen the competitiveness and the attractiveness of its territory. The programme is based on a mix of technologies in... more France
Satellite broadband in rural areas | Galicia region The purpose of the call is to provide internet access for 3% of the population, which due to their high dispersion or their location, cannot have access to broadband of at least 2 Mbps. This program... more Spain
UltraBroadBand and Digital Development Calabria | Italy "Ultra broadband and digital development in Calabria" boosted the rollout of a new generation network (optical fibre) in 233 Calabrian municipalities, bringing ultra-broadband coverage to... more Italy
#FTThof - Farmers building their own FTTH networks in rural area | Germany The inhabitants of the rural areas of Coesfeld (a district in the south of Münster, Germany) are building a FTTH network using their own resources at extremely low cost (#FTThof). The project area... more Germany
100 Mbps for schools on 100th independence anniversary | Poland Digital Poland Project Center organised the biggest call for proposals in the polish history of European funds dedicated to telecommunication infrastructure. The maximum amount of public funds in the... more Poland
A Completely Connected Halland | Sweden An innovative public–private partnership took Region Halland from being one of the least connected of Sweden's counties into launching the boldest broadband expansion program of them all: every... more Sweden
AB Stokab | Stockholm Stokab was found in 1994 as a limited company 100% owned by the City of Stockholm. The city has, through Stokab, built an open and operator-neutral IT infrastructure for electronic communications,... more Sweden
Aberdaron Community Wi-Fi | Wales The main aim of the Aberdaron Community project is to pilot a public access Wi-Fi connection in the village of Aberdaron. Rural areas, such as Aberdaron, often suffer from very poor mobile provision... more United Kingdom
Absolutely Open FTTH Platform | Netherlands & Germany The Open FTTH Platform facilitates competition between providers of ICT-services (including TV-services) to an absolute maximum, with minimal costs for providers to enter and serve the market. The... more Netherlands
Access to infrastructure | Portugal In 2004, duct access was imposed in the Electronic Communications Law where it was established that Portugal Telecom (PTC) must make available an offer of access to ducts. The offer "Oferta de... more Portugal
Adenau und Altenahr | Germany Broadband initiative of the Association of municipalities Adenau and Altenahr with the water supply purpose association Eifel-Ahr. Germany
Affiliate Advanced – Internet traffic and ad manager system | Hungary The Digital Future Foundation will provide the Hungarian market with a unified technology for credible measurement of web data. As a result of the nationwide tests and the gathered experience, it... more Hungary
Almere Unet | Flevoland Region Name: Almere Unet (also under the name Almere Fibre pilot and the programme Almere Kennisstad (Knowledge City)) in Almere, Flevoland Region, Netherlands. Duration: 2002-2010; deployment of the... more Netherlands
APOLO-CALIFORNIA | Spain Orange and Vodafone coordinated their investments to avoid overlapping in FTTH network deployment for the APOLO-CALIFORNIA project. This increased efficiency and speed in the deployment, led to rapid... more Spain
Arabianranta virtual village | Helsinki Arabianranta is the name of a redevelopment project of former industrial wasteland at the Eastern waterfront of the inner city Helsinki. The Arabianranta project is a pilot project in several... more Finland
Ardèche Drôme Numérique | France The ADN (Ardèche Drôme Numérique) project has connected 96% of the population (360 000 homes) in the Ardèche and Drôme Departments to broadband internet, marking a major step forward into the digital... more France
Area-covering FTTH glass fiber extension in Eichenzell | Germany This project relocates passive fibre infrastructure and the long-term leasing of the network to create a self-sustaining, future-oriented infrastructure developing through a previously established... more Germany
Asko Island | Denmark Deployment of a fiber network by the service provider SEAS-NVE, following the organized expression of interest by citizens and local actors. Denmark
ASNET Broadband ASNET is a mobile broadband 4G LTE network in an under serviced rural area. The solution was the placing of an antenna on a windmill tower. The investment was co-funded by the residents of the area... more Denmark