Broadband Competence Offices advise local and regional authorities on ways to invest effectively in broadband, and advise citizens and businesses on how to obtain support for better access to broadband services.



At the end of the first year of operations, the BCO Network and Support Facility will have its public launch in Brussels on November 20, as part of Broadband Days 2017


The European Broadband Competence Offices Network and Support Facility

In 2015, the Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development, Phil Hogan, the Commissioner for Regional Policy, Corina Crețu and the Commissioner for Budget and Human Resources (former Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society), Günther H. Oettinger called for the establishment of a new European network of Broadband Competence Offices (BCOs). Member States were invited to designate BCOs on a voluntary basis to become part of this network. Set up at regional or national level, BCOs operate as a single point of contact on broadband related issues (legal, technical or financial).

In 2017, a Brussels-based Support Facility for the BCO Network was established in order to:

  • support and strengthen the existing BCOs and promote the creation of new BCOs;
  • create and disseminate knowledge, including the exchange of current best practices;
  • identify potential multipliers involved in the implementation of broadband plans in Europe.

Sharing knowledge and building capacity

The 2017 programme of the BCO Support Facility includes:

  • a series of training days and thematic workshops bringing together European BCOs, industry experts and representatives from the European Commission;
  • a video interview series showcasing broadband deployment projects and sharing innovative approaches and solutions with an emphasis on rural areas;
  • a set of introductory publications and videos to inform and support the establishment of new BCOs at regional and local level;
  • an online community for networking, news and resources, including:
    • presentations and materials from the training days and thematic workshops;

    • best practice showcases and videos;

    • policy videos and discussion groups;

    • events listings and articles.

Training days and thematic workshops



Log in to the BCO Network Forum on Futurium for more information

For more information on joining the forum - to register for upcoming training days and thematic sessions, as well as to access materials and presentations - please contact the BCOs Support Facility.

Upcoming events

The BCO Support Facility is participating in the following events:

Broadband days 2017 20 and 21 November

Information materials

To have a short overview of the mission of BCO-SF and its planned activities, consult the work programme of BCO-SF for 2017. In addition you can access the following documents and media:



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