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Your Voice in Europe

Your Voice in Europe is the European Commission's "single access point" to a variety of consultations and feedback opportunities which enable you to express your views on EU policies at different stages throughout the policy lifecycle.
As part of the Commission's Better Regulation Agenda the Commission intends to listen more closely to citizens and stakeholders from the first idea, to when the Commission prepares a proposal, through the adoption of a proposal and its evaluation.

  • Feedback can be provided on 'Roadmaps' and 'Inception Impact Assessments' at the beginning of the preparation process.
  • Depending on the initiative, different types of consultations may be carried out – e.g. targeted or public consultations. Public consultations allow you to express your views on key aspects of impacts assessments for Commission proposals under preparation as well as on key elements of evaluations and 'fitness checks' of existing policies. Public consultations are open for a period of minimum 12 weeks by default.
  • At the end of the preparation of a new legislative initiative, and after adoption of the draft by the College, feedback can be provided on the Commission proposals.
  • At a later stage it will also be possible to provide feedback on the drafts of delegated acts and important implementing acts.

At any moment, provide the Commission with your views on how to make EU laws more effective and efficient via 'Lighten the load – Have your say'!


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Why is some information not in my language?

This website is available in all the official languages of the European Union. However, when you click on specific items you may be directed to other websites of the European Commission which are only available in a limited number of languages for various reasons. In particular, consultation documents targeted to specialized audiences are not necessarily published in all languages.
You can, however, respond to consultations and provide feedback in all offical EU languages, unless explicitly stated otherwise in the consultation documents themselves.