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At any time, you can tell us how you think existing laws and initiatives could be made more effective and efficient

All suggestions received will be published on this site, providing they comply with the house rules, and sent for review.

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Your suggestions will be reviewed by the REFIT Platform, and may be reflected in their recommendations to the Commission.

If the Platform decides not to follow up a suggestion, an explanation will be sent to the person or organisation who submitted it.

The REFIT Platform does not consider suggestions related to:

  • draft laws currently in legislative procedure 
  • EU laws that entered into application less than two years ago
  • a planned or on-going consultation of social partners

The EU helpdesk Europe Direct provides an explanation to anyone who has submitted a suggestion that falls outside the mandate of the REFIT Platform.

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Recent suggestions

  • Anonymous (China)
    16 June 2019 Other
    Anonymous (China)

    Least Work Qualifications for EU EU can take the reform of most simplified qualifications to form least qualifications in the form of e-qualification required by EU basic or constitutional law within EU via EU/European E-qualification E-platform. Some of the e-qualifications can be memberships of lawful EU societies or associations through the ECTS ( European Credit Transfer and Accumulating System), and no other qualified certificates will...

  • Anonymous (Germany)
    2 juni 2019 EU citizen
    Anonymous (Germany)

    Maak ten eerste de internetsite van de EU overzichtelijker en toegankelijker. Het Refit platform is via de site niet te vinden. Via internetbrowser met zoekterm 'Refit platform inloggen' is het na lang zoeken gelukt. Ten tweede heb ik voor mijn voorstel ten aanzien van het reizen in Europa een bijlage toegevoegd. Ik hoop dat dit ook mogelijk is. Het komt er op neer dat wanneer een voertuig/aanhanger langer dan 6 maanden buiten een land is, in...

  • Anonymous (Germany)
    20 Mai 2019 EU citizen
    Anonymous (Germany)

    Abschaffung des Hinweises auf oder des Einverständnisses der Cookie-Verwendung durch eine Website Und Ersetzung durch einen Zusatzeintrag ins Impressum aus dem hervorgeht, dass Cookies verwendet werden und der Funktion, dass ein Cookie automatisch gelöscht wird, falls ein Nutzer diesem widerspricht. -> Änderung der Richtlinie 2002/58/EG (Cookie-Richtlinie): Im alltäglichen Gebrauch des Internets sind Cookies nicht mehr wegzudenken. Jedes...

  • Anonymous (Italy)
    11 May 2019 EU citizen
    Anonymous (Italy)

    According to the GDPR, from my point of view I think this website ( violates completely the law. You can save and store any kind of webpage and I don't know for how long it will be saved. On the Wayback Machine website, there is a privacy policy dating back to 2001 and no mention of the GDPR. I think it could be dangerous for the privacy.

  • Anonymous (Italy)
    6 May 2019 EU citizen
    Anonymous (Italy)

    On Facebook there are many profiles of dead people which now are became as "commemorative profiles". I suggest to improve the GDPR, inserting that all the websites must specify how long they will allow users to access their personal area (for example: 6 months or 1 year). If no login has been made within 6 months, the company is required to delete the profile and all the data it contains.

    5 May 2019 Academic/research institution

    Hello! As management consulting expert and researcher with a long experience, I propose that at the Sibiu Romania Summit of May 9, 2019 be discussed and enrolled in the Strategic Agenda of the Union for 2020-2024, the “Improvement of management theory and practice using the new method of Scientific Systemic Management, to avoid mistakes in decision-making and law-making process and to ensure the accelerate building of a stronger and more...

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