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At any time, you can tell us how you think existing laws and initiatives could be made more effective and efficient

All suggestions received will be published on this site, providing they comply with the house rules, and sent for review.

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Next steps

Your suggestions will be reviewed by the REFIT Platform, and may be reflected in their recommendations to the Commission.

If the Platform decides not to follow up a suggestion, an explanation will be sent to the person or organisation who submitted it.

The REFIT Platform does not consider suggestions related to:

  • draft laws currently in legislative procedure 
  • EU laws that entered into application less than two years ago
  • a planned or on-going consultation of social partners

The EU helpdesk Europe Direct provides an explanation to anyone who has submitted a suggestion that falls outside the mandate of the REFIT Platform.

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Recent suggestions

  • Anonymous (Ireland)
    25 October 2017 Non-governmental organisation (NGO)

    Anonymous (Ireland)

    The Pet Passport scheme, while laudable and well intended, has caused considerable difficulties in several aspects of operation. The aspect that concerns me most is the classification of rescue dogs as "commercial" - due to a change of ownership status when being exported. I understand there are several legal/technical reasons for this but it is causing a huge additional administrative and financial burden on (mostly) voluntary rescue groups....

  • Anonymous (France)
    23 October 2017 EU citizen

    Anonymous (France)

    Regarding Subscriptions to internet providers in the EU. Most ISP's in Europe and abroad have their prices displayed as "internet up to 100mbps for 40E/month" (example). The term "up to" means absolutely nothing. An ISP can provide real speeds of 5mbps and still technically fulfil it's promise since the speed is below 100mbps. I have noticed this issue in Romania (<60% of advertised speed - INES), UK (<20% of advertised speed - Ask4),...

  • Insurance Europe (Belgium)
    16 October 2017 Business association

    Insurance Europe (Belgium)

    Please find attached Insurance Europe’s contribution to the European Commission’s initiative for better regulation, the REFIT Platform. Insurance Europe’s contribution aims, within the European Commission’s framework for better regulation, at making EU regulation more efficient and effective while reducing burden and maintaining policy objectives. Insurance Europe’s input concerns (i) information overload and duplication, and (ii) non-digital...

  • Eng. Yasir I. KASHGARI (United Kingdom)
    15 October 2017 Non-EU citizen

    Eng. Yasir I. KASHGARI (United Kingdom)

    This suggestion was removed because it broke the rules.

  • Anonymous (Spain)
    23 September 2017 EU citizen

    Anonymous (Spain)

    national court should be able to ask european human rights court about european human rights, the same way it has the chance to do about the rest of european law by asking the european justice court. it should be more important to make sure national law is not against european human rights, than to do that for the rest of european law, as long as human rights are more important for citizens than any other law. if there is actually a chance to...

  • jose miguel GRACIA CARBÓ (Spain)
    4 Agosto 2017 EU citizen

    jose miguel GRACIA CARBÓ (Spain)

    Buenas tardes, Muchas gracias por permitir expresar mis ideas. Una solucion que permitiria mejorar el aire que respiramos es subvencionar los coches electricos. La forma mas facil seria incrementar un centimo o dos, tanto en el combustible de los automoviles como en el de los aviones, pues estos ultimos ha crecido mucho los ultimos años. Asi, usamos la logica, el que contamina paga. Creo que el cambio climatico se está descontrolando, asi...

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