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At any time, you can tell us how you think existing laws and initiatives could be made more effective and efficient

All suggestions received will be published on this site, providing they comply with the house rules, and sent for review.

You can choose between having your suggestion:

  • published with your personal or organisation's details, or
  • published anonymously (make sure attachments don't contain any personal details)

Next steps

Your suggestions will be reviewed by the REFIT Platform, and may be reflected in their recommendations to the Commission.

If the Platform decides not to follow up a suggestion, an explanation will be sent to the person or organisation who submitted it.

The REFIT Platform does not consider suggestions related to:

  • draft laws currently in legislative procedure 
  • EU laws that entered into application less than two years ago
  • a planned or on-going consultation of social partners

The EU helpdesk Europe Direct provides an explanation to anyone who has submitted a suggestion that falls outside the mandate of the REFIT Platform.

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Recent suggestions

  • Anonymous (Spain)
    11 November 2018 EU citizen
    Anonymous (Spain)

    The suggestions as listed and published here are in their original submission language normally the native language of the contributer. I cant read a suggestion thats been submitted in Hungarian. Why are all submissions listed not automatically translated into viewers prefferd language? Thus allowing my Hungarian fellow EU Citizen to read my submission in Hungarian and I can read his in English. Please add a "translate to preferred language...

  • VNCW (Netherlands)
    1 november 2018 Non-governmental organisation (NGO)
    VNCW (Netherlands)

    De VNCW is de Nederlandse branchevereniging voor de chemische logistiek. Veel leden van de vereniging zijn grote logistieke dienstverleners en winkelketens, welke grensoverschrijdend zijn. Zij hebben te maken met het gegeven dat de opslag van gevaarlijke stoffen in ieder Europese lidstaat weer anders is geregeld en vaak niet duidelijk is. Er is behoefte aan inzicht in de verschillende regels voor de opslag van gevaarlijke stoffen in de...

  • Anonymous (Czech Republic)
    30 Říjen 2018 EU citizen
    Anonymous (Czech Republic)

    Dobrý den, v rámci mé bakalářské práce, která se zabývá jazykovou stránkou předpisů EU bych se chtěla zeptat, zda program REFIT, řeší nebo řešil někdy v minulosti i otázku překladů a nákladnosti překladů. Z definice totiž vyplývá, že se snaží zjednodušit právní předpisy a redukovat náklady. A překládání všech předpisů do všech oficiálních jazyků je nákladné a v budoucnu bude ještě více. Pokud to neřeší tento program existuje nějaký jiný...

  • Anonymous (Hungary)
    25 October 2018 EU citizen
    Anonymous (Hungary)

    Hungary is in deep trouble and we have no hope to end the dictatorship led by Viktor Orban who does not care about us Hungarians but himself and his fortune, as well as how to steal more and more. The European Union is based on democracy, rule of law and humanity. There is no such thing in Hungary instead there is only absolute dictatorship. Please, for a brighter future create law to protect citizens and THEIR country from corrupt and lying...

  • Floortje van Colen (Belgium)
    18 oktober 2018 EU citizen
    Floortje van Colen (Belgium)

    Beste, Ik ben een leerling uit het zesde jaar economische wetenschappen. Ik woonde vandaag een infosessie bij over de EU. Ik stond versteld van de aanpak van het migratiebeleid. Er werd gezegt dat er een deal werd gesloten met Turkije van 5 miljard euro!? En dat er vandaag de dag een deal op tafel ligt met Noord- Afrika van 8 miljard euro!? Wat ik niet begrijp is het feit dat we een land als Turkije betrouwen. Ze willen bij de EU, maar...

  • Hristo Ribarev (Bulgaria)
    6 октомври 2018 EU citizen
    Hristo Ribarev (Bulgaria)

    Христо Тодоров Рибарев ул. „Тодор Каблешков” № 12 3329 с. Хърлец, Обл. Враца e-mail: До Европейската комисия Копие: Председателя на Министерския съвет на Република България Копие: Национална пациентска организация, София Уважаеми Господа, В отговор на мое писмо до Председателството на ЕК в България, София, доставено на адресата на 24.08.2018г., копие от което прилагам заедно с описаните в него приложения, получих на 20.09...

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