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At any time, you can tell us how you think existing laws and initiatives could be made more effective and efficient

All suggestions received will be published on this site, providing they comply with the house rules, and sent for review.

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Your suggestions will be reviewed by the REFIT Platform, and may be reflected in their recommendations to the Commission.

If the Platform decides not to follow up a suggestion, an explanation will be sent to the person or organisation who submitted it.

The REFIT Platform does not consider suggestions related to:

  • draft laws currently in legislative procedure 
  • EU laws that entered into application less than two years ago
  • a planned or on-going consultation of social partners

The EU helpdesk Europe Direct provides an explanation to anyone who has submitted a suggestion that falls outside the mandate of the REFIT Platform.

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Recent suggestions

  • Frank Kirchhöfer (Germany)
    22 Mai 2018 EU citizen

    Frank Kirchhöfer (Germany)

    Die aktuelle ECE R 115* Norm bringt unnötige Bürokratie, "der Anlagenhersteller muss unter anderem nachweisen, dass das Abgasverhalten für jedes Fahrzeugmodell durch die Nachrüstung nicht negativ beeinflusst wird" Das Thema ist insbesondere in sofern unstrittig, da das Abgasverhalten grundsätzlich positiv beeinflußt wird. Die Regelung macht es schwieriger, LPG Anlagen herzustellen und einzubauen. Viele Umrüster haben bereits aufgegeben - das...

  • Anonymous (Spain)
    15 Mayo 2018 EU citizen

    Anonymous (Spain)

    Sugiero revisen el sistema eléctrico español, ya que le déficit de tarifa del que hablan gobierno y empresas gestoras de red, puede no ser real.

  • Bologna University (Italy)
    14 May 2018 Academic/research institution

    Bologna University (Italy)

    In many cases the E.U. laws are too long and not easy to understand. In my opinion there should be also a brief summary understandable to common people.

  • Anonymous (Iran)
    13 May 2018 Non-EU citizen

    Anonymous (Iran)

    As you may know there are certain countries which has high number of deaths in accident, referring to report from WHO: In case of Iran the following reason is causing the death: 1) Improper enforcing law on public transportation 2) Instead of being restrict on drivers who are committing traffic related crimes, they are restricting driving exam process which these leads to more number of people...

  • Anonymous (Germany)
    10 mei 2018 EU citizen

    Anonymous (Germany)

    Er zouden gelijke mogelijkheden moeten zijn om pensioenpremies van de bedrijfskosten af te trekken, ook over landsgrenzen heen. Nu is er het volgende probleem: een in Duitsland betaalde vrijwillige pensioenpremie is in Nederland, bij het doen van belastingaangifte als zzp'er, niet aftrekbaar. Dit is ook niet mogelijk als 'oudedagsreserve'. Het gaat om een premie betaald aan BFA; deze organistie heeft niet de status 'Erkende Verzekeraar' en...

  • Anonymous (United Kingdom)
    8 May 2018 EU citizen

    Anonymous (United Kingdom)

    Change the WEEE directive (2012/19/EU) to include a requirement for producers to provide packages of information which are sufficient to enable easy re-use of products. The packages of information are released when the product is obsolete (or optionally earlier). This allows equipment that would otherwise be discarded to be reused without the burden of reverse engineering the hardware. Basic information also allows repair of the equipment,...

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