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How to work with the EU
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Researchers get new improved information website

The European Commission launches a new website for researchers today. EURAXESS – Researchers in motion will provide researchers with easy access to information in four main areas:

EURAXESS Services: information for mobile researchers

EURAXESS Jobs: on-line researchers' vacancies and funding opportunities

EURAXESS Rights: European Researchers' Charter and Code implementation

EURAXESS Links: networking of European researchers abroad and third-country researchers in Europe

The new website is being launched on the fifth anniversary of the European Researcher's Mobility Portal, which forms the basis for the new site and its expanded services.

The UK is a strong participant in the European programme that supports researchers who want to carry out their work in another country. Latest figures show that the programme supports 674 researchers from around the world working in Britain and 113 British researchers are working elsewhere.

The Marie Curie programme has made a short promotional video, which revises some basic chemical properties – it can be viewed here.

Scam Warning

The names of the European Commission Representation and the European Union are regularly being used under false pretences usually with the aim to obtain monies from individuals in connection with international money transfers.

If you receive an email or telephone call allegedly from the European Commission Representation, claiming that a fee or charge has to be paid, then please do not enter into any correspondence.

These emails and telephone calls that pretend to be from the Representation are initiated by fraudsters trying to deceive you into paying them money or giving your personal and security details that they then use to set up payments out of your account into theirs. Further information regarding such scams is available on

The European Commission Representation will never claim money by e-mail.

European Commission Civil Service website

Too often, the Commission is described as a faceless bureaucracy, an army of anonymous 'eurocrats' in Brussels, with a mission to make life complicated. The reality is very different and this portal website lifts the veil on the people who make up the Commission Civil Service – who they are and what they do. For the first time, information on the Commission Civil Service is accessible through a single entry point, which helps European Citizens to find their way through the wealth of information at their disposal on the EUROPA website. It is one of the first of a new generation of thematic websites to help citizens find their way through the information jungle. 

For recruitment information please visit:

Europe Direct

If you are interested in working not for the European Commission but in another country of the European Union then please either visit the Europe Direct web site or call freephone number: 00800 6 7 8 9 10 11


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