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30.11.2015  Consolidating peace and deepening reconciliation in Northern Ireland and the Border region of Ireland

27.11.2015  Commission receives language award

27.11.2015  EC London Office weekly round-up

25.11.2015  Three more innovative UK SMEs get EU funding

20.11.2015  EC London Office weekly round-up

20.11.2015  €23million EU investment in new UK environment projects

18.11.2015  UK energy infrastructure projects selected to help deliver EU's Energy Union

17.11.2015  Stepping up the fight to tackle antibiotic resistance as data shows worsening picture

16.11.2015  New rules on better protection for victims of crime in the EU

16.11.2015  Paris attacks – standing united

13.11.2015  EC London Office weekly round-up

10.11.2015  Met Office scientist joins top EU science advice group

10.11.2015  European Court of Auditors signs off the EU accounts for 8th year in a row

06.11.2015  EC London Office weekly round-up

05.11.2015  UK electric vehicle registrations among highest in EU

30.10.2015  EU Investment Plan for Europe backs first UK project: GBP 225m for Galloper Wind Farm off Suffolk coast

30.10.2015  Time to close the gender pay gap

30.10.2015  EC London Office weekly round-up

28.10.2015  Single Market roadmap: boosting opportunities for consumers and business

28.10.2015  GBP161 million EU funding for UK-France cross-border projects

23.10.2015  EC London Office weekly round-up

22.10.2015  £100 million agreement for innovative and high growth UK companies

21.10.2015  EU to beat 2020 greenhouse emission reduction target

16.10.2015  EC London Office weekly round-up

16.10.2015  EU-Turkey action plan on refugees and migration

14.10.2015  How Europe is tackling the refugee crisis

13.10.2015  UK SMEs can tap into GBP1.5 billion EU research funding

09.10.2015  EC London Office weekly round-up

09.10.2015  EU Code: can students from Jersey design computer games

02.10.2015  EC London Office weekly round-up

25.09.2015  Modernising VAT for cross-border e-commerce

25.09.2015  EC London Office weekly round-up

25.09.2015  26 September: European Day of Languages

24.09.2015  Have your say on geo-blocking and the role of platforms in the online economy

18.09.2015  EC London Office weekly round-up

15.09.2015  UK SMEs are again among top beneficiaries of EU funding

11.09.2015  EC London Office weekly round-up

11.09.2015  EU funding to help thousands of Brits to get into work

09.09.2015  State of the Union 2015: time for honesty, unity and solidarity

08.09.2015  President Juncker's State of the Union address

28.08.2015  UK industry to receive EU funding for innovative projects

19.08.2015  World Humanitarian Day

14.08.2015  Commission approves UK support for space launcher engine

06.08.2015  UK government launches EU regional funding for local firms

29.07.2015  Record public response to EU birds and habitats consultation

29.07.2015  UK researchers explore powerful, cheaper and less harmful cancer treatment

24.07.2015  EC London Office weekly round-up

22.07.2015  EU investment plan ready for take-off in autumn

17.07.2015  EC London Office weekly round-up

17.07.2015  Useful tips when traveling abroad

16.07.2015  EU funds to power UK energy projects

13.07.2015  Five major car rental companies pledge to improve practices

10.07.2015  EC London Office weekly round-up

03.07.2015  EC London Office weekly round-up

01.07.2015  Have your say on better regulation

30.06.2015  Agreement to end roaming charges from June 2017

29.06.2015  UK transport infrastructure chosen for EU funding

26.06.2015  Three UK projects shortlisted among Europe's most innovative regional projects

24.06.2015  Green light for GBP 2.6 billion for English regions

17.06.2015  Ambitious UK partnership for a million new digital jobs

17.06.2015  Ensuring fair and efficient corporate taxation and tackling tax avoidance

16.06.2015  European Research Council: 5000th grantee

04.06.2015  Digital Single Market 'Going Local', London 22-23 June

27.05.2015  EU and Switzerland sign tax transparency agreement

20.05.2015  Be confident you are swimming in safe EU waters

19.05.2015  Better EU rules for better results: European Commission brings forward better regulation package

13.05.2015  EU supported UK films at Cannes festival

13.05.2015  Commission to set up high-level group for independent scientific advice

12.05.2015  EU-funded rehab system to help stroke victims

11.05.2015  UK innovation leader wins €70m EU robotics contract for ITER project

06.05.2015  The European Commission sets out 16 initiatives for Digital Single Market

05.05.2015  2015 Lorenzo Natali Prize for journalists who write on development

01.05.2015  EC London Office weekly round-up

29.04.2015  Two UK finalists in European Natura 2000 Award – 2015

28.04.2015  UK events for European Youth Week

24.04.2015  EC London Office weekly round-up

21.04.2015  Ask #EUChat about your EU passenger rights

20.04.2015  How youngsters compare across the EU

17.04.2015  EC London Office weekly round-up

14.04.2015  Five UK winners in 2015 EU Prize for Cultural Heritage / Europa Nostra Awards

08.04.2015  EU consumer rights: test your knowledge

02.04.2015  OLAF and HMRC joint actions prevent cigarette smuggling

30.03.2015  Innovative UK SMEs top beneficiaries of EU funding

30.03.2015  Galileo: two steps closer to completing Europe's global satellite navigation system

27.03.2015  EC London Office weekly round-up

25.03.2015  Brits are the EU's online shoppers, will a Digital Single Market help others to catch up and British SMEs to flourish

24.03.2015  UK leads on road safety: EU aims to save more lives

24.03.2015  EU seeking highly talented graduates

23.03.2015  Keeping consumers safe

20.03.2015  EC London Office weekly round-up

19.03.2015  EC approves UK's £640 million support for Post Office

18.03.2015  Combatting corporate tax avoidance: Commission sets out Tax Transparency Package

18.03.2015  European Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation Carlos Moedas in London

13.03.2015  EC London Office weekly round-up

10.03.2015  Tell us your views on making the EU Digital Single Market a reality

09.03.2015  EU Prize for Women Innovators

06.03.2015  EC London Office weekly round-up

05.03.2015  Connecting Europe's energy networks

03.03.2015  High-level international conference on Ebola

27.02.2015  View art history festival comes back to London

27.02.2015  EC London Office weekly round-up

26.02.2015  Most needy children to benefit from £3m of EU funding for school breakfast clubs

25.02.2015  Towards a European Energy Union

25.02.2015  Architecture prize 2015 finalists announced

24.02.2015  Brits are the EU's online shoppers

24.02.2015  No compromise on EU food quality and traceability standards in TTIP talks

20.02.2015  EC London Office weekly round-up

19.02.2015  Cooking-up savings in Europe's kitchens

18.02.2015  Eurobarometer 82 – UK national report

18.02.2015  Unlocking funding for Europe's growth

16.02.2015  EU Trade Commissioner speaks on TTIP in London

13.02.2015  £3 000 million for England's Rural Development Programme

13.02.2015  EC London Office weekly round-up

11.02.2015  New data-sharing rules to trace cross-border traffic offenders

06.02.2015  EC London Office weekly round-up

05.02.2015  EU tackles illegal imports of wildlife hunting trophies

03.02.2015  London schoolboy is UK’s top young translator

30.01.2015  EC London Office weekly round-up

28.01.2015  Commission pledges additional £12 million in humanitarian aid for Ukraine

23.01.2015  EC London Office weekly round-up

22.01.2015  Tribute to former European Commissioner Leon Brittan

16.01.2015  EC London Office weekly round-up

16.01.2015  UK researchers lead EU funded projects on Ebola vaccine candidate

12.01.2015  Young Brits are more positive, engage more in and know more about development aid

09.01.2015  UK SMEs top beneficiaries of EU innovation funding, more announced

01.01.2015  2015: European Year for Development

23.12.2014  Helping consumers reduce energy bills and save money

19.12.2014  EC London Office weekly round-up

16.12.2014  Newcastle researchers prepare clinical trials of remote support system for liver patients

15.12.2014  Regiostars Awards 2015 invite inspiring regional projects

12.12.2014  EC London Office weekly round-up

12.12.2014  EU to invest £ 780 million in Scotland for research, innovation and a resource-efficient economy

11.12.2014  New EU food information rules will help consumers make better informed choices

08.12.2014  UK road congestion not the worst in the EU

05.12.2014  EC London Office weekly round-up

04.12.2014  R&D investment by British firms ranks amongst best in EU

01.12.2014  Two-minute video guide to the Investment Plan for jobs and growth

01.12.2014  EU advent calendar

28.11.2014  EC London Office weekly round-up

28.11.2014  A new momentum for EU jobs, growth and investment

26.11.2014  EU launches GBP 250 billion Investment Offensive to boost jobs and growth

21.11.2014  EC London Office weekly round-up

18.11.2014  European Antibiotic Awareness Day

14.11.2014  Education: UK leads in digital skills and university studies, early school leavers still a problem

14.11.2014  EC London Office weekly round-up

07.11.2014  EC London Office weekly round-up

03.11.2014  Lord Hill takes office in new "Juncker" Commission

31.10.2014  EC London Office weekly round-up

29.10.2014  GBP9.3 bn EU funding for UK regions

28.10.2014  Single market: better prices for car rentals

24.10.2014  EC London Office weekly round-up

24.10.2014  Comments by EC President Barroso on the adjustments to the EU budget (made after 24 October EU summit)

23.10.2014  EU boosts Ebola research with €24.4 million of new funds

17.10.2014  EC London Office weekly round-up

14.10.2014  John Newman wins European music award

10.10.2014  EC London Office weekly round-up

08.10.2014  UK author Evie Wyld wins EU Prize for Literature

06.10.2014  EU Code Week – It's not about #coding

03.10.2014  EC London Office weekly round-up

03.10.2014  Enterprising UK projects get European recognition

03.10.2014  UK SMEs amongst EU "front runners"

30.09.2014  Letter from José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission to Ryder Cup Captain Paul McGinley

30.09.2014  Michel Barnier: London and the City are one of Europe's biggest assets

29.09.2014  EU research funding: how to use nature for flood defences

26.09.2014  EC London Office weekly round-up

25.09.2014  European day of languages: "use your loaf", c'est la vie

25.09.2014  Message of President Barroso ahead of the start of the Ryder Cup

24.09.2014  Museums and labs at night or what do researchers really do

22.09.2014  Two UK SMEs shortlisted for EU environmental award

22.09.2014  Young scientists: British twin sisters win EU award for their cancer research

19.09.2014  EC London Office weekly round-up

19.09.2014  Statement by President Barroso on the results of the Scottish referendum

18.09.2014  Innovative UK: EU funded projects announced

15.09.2014  Statement by Commissioner Kristalina Georgieva on the murder of British aid worker David Haines

12.09.2014  EC London Office weekly round-up

12.09.2014  Condolence message from EC President José Manuel Barroso on the death of Ian Paisley, Lord Bannside

11.09.2014  New EU funding for UK projects to help improve transport connections for consumers and business

10.09.2014  Schools in Croydon, Hartlepool and Pembrokeshire benefitting from the European Social Fund

09.09.2014  Historic first: one in two young UK women holds university degree

04.09.2014  EU research: How to better grow seaweed

28.08.2014  EU research allows faster, more accurate flood warnings

20.08.2014  European satellite navigation: Galileo's two new satellites

19.08.2014  World Humanitarian Day 2014

11.08.2014  UK researchers lead EU peers inside Big Data, literally

08.08.2014  EU funded research: better ship evacuation

07.08.2014  Monitoring noise and air pollution with EU-funded apps

01.08.2014  Oxford University and EU peers test self-parking technology

25.07.2014  Enterprising UK projects make European shortlist

24.07.2014  UK SMEs earmarked for EU grants to help them innovate

23.07.2014  Benefits of new 2030 energy efficiency targets

22.07.2014  New funding opportunities for Europe's innovators

18.07.2014  EC London Office weekly round-up

15.07.2014  EC defends small farmers and food shops

11.07.2014  TTIP will not affect the UK's current or future policy on the NHS

11.07.2014  EC London Office weekly round-up

10.07.2014  New EU broadband funding and support

08.07.2014  UK carbon capture project receives £240m EU funding boost

02.07.2014  Higher recycling and packaging targets for 2030

30.06.2014  Stay road smart this summer with new EU road app

30.06.2014  Consumer markets improving but services remain source of discontent

07.05.2014  Consumer tips and advice for footie fans off to World Cup

01.05.2014  10 years of increased trade since 2004 enlargement

30.04.2014  £42 million for 11 new UK environment projects

29.04.2014  EU stops some fruit and vegetable imports from India, to protect EU crops from pests

25.04.2014  EC London Office weekly round-up

25.04.2014  Erasmus+: a EU programme that can help you get a job

15.04.2014  Safer lorry designs approved by MEPs

11.04.2014  EC London Office weekly round-up

03.04.2014  New era in earth observation to lift off with UK technology aboard

01.04.2014  UK roads remain among the EU's safest

31.03.2014  Fifteen Cornwall gets EU Award

27.03.2014  UK video games tax relief scheme approved

27.03.2014  Consultation on investor protection in TTIP

25.03.2014  Faulty electricals spark most alerts for UK authorities

25.03.2014  Broadband users in UK only get 45% of advertised speed, EU study

24.03.2014  Statement: Breakthrough on EU Savings Directive

20.03.2014  Abbotsford wins EU accolade for conservation work

19.03.2014  Commission says "yes" to first European Citizens Initiative

14.03.2014  Know and use your EU consumer rights

13.03.2014  EU consumer rights: UK advice centre helps record numbers

07.03.2014  Remarks by President Barroso following the extraordinary meeting of EU Heads of State and Government on Ukraine

06.03.2014  Ukraine summit in Brussels

04.03.2014  EU innovation on the up: UK above average but others gain ground

03.03.2014  Studies make economic case for flood action and green taxes

03.03.2014  Helping to mobilise EU research and science careers

28.02.2014  Gender Pay Gap stagnates at 16.4% across EU

27.02.2014  Commissioner visits Graphene Institute in Manchester

20.02.2014  Commission acts to protect public from poor air quality

17.02.2014  Roaming: 37% of Brits switch off their mobiles abroad, study shows

07.02.2014  EU Consultation on wildlife trafficking

05.02.2014  Westminster schoolboy is Britain's best young translator

04.02.2014  World Cancer Day: 10 ways EU helps in fight against cancer

03.02.2014  First EU Anti-Corruption Report

31.01.2014  Horizon 2020: GBP 2 billion up for grabs for UK researchers in two years

27.01.2014  Your chance to showcase how "enterprising" you are

23.01.2014  Helping Europe's digital start-ups go global

22.01.2014  Improved UK investment scheme in SMEs approved

15.01.2014  More British quality foods get EU protection

14.01.2014  How much does it cost to save?

19.12.2013  Yorkshire Wensleydale gets EU protection

18.12.2013  New policy package to clean up Europe's air

17.12.2013  Reuters journalist is best of British in EU health prize

13.12.2013  Tougher EU consumer rights come into force

11.12.2013  Horizon 2020 launched with GBP 12.6 billion over first two years

09.12.2013  Staying "connected" in-flight

06.12.2013  Festive tips to avoid being scammed online

04.12.2013  Banks fined £1.4bn over LIBOR/EURIBOR rate fixing

03.12.2013  UK scores mixed in EU school report

28.11.2013  Pupils put their translation skills to the test

26.11.2013  Twitter chat and consultation on crowdfunding

01.10.2013  European Day of Languages: Britain's got Talent!

01.10.2013  EU cyber security month: stay safe online

25.09.2013  New online European platform for open educational resources

24.09.2013  Improving safety of medical devices

24.09.2013  UK young researcher wins top EU award

23.09.2013  Share your ideas on jobs and help shape the future of Europe

19.09.2013  Using digital mapping to expose human rights abuses: new EU-backed work announced at Goldsmiths College, London

18.09.2013  The EC proposes a tough new regime to police financial benchmarks, as Barnier calls for prison for cheats

17.09.2013  EU research: how to chill a drink in 45 secs

13.09.2013  Innovation: Is the UK getting enough out of it?

13.09.2013  London Language Show: benefits of foreign language skills for UK students and business

12.09.2013  Commission telecoms proposals: no to roaming premiums; yes to net neutrality

11.09.2013  EC President Barroso issues rallying call to “those that care about Europe”

09.09.2013  25th EU Contest for Young Scientists

09.09.2013  Protecting biodiversity against invasive species

06.09.2013  Transport's potential in smart cities

02.09.2013  Time to register for EU Young Translators comp

02.09.2013  Tax fraud: getting the missing part back

30.08.2013  Explore your heritage for free

20.08.2013  University of Birmingham shares cancer research grant

14.08.2013  EC recovers £52m from UK for errors in CAP funding

06.08.2013  UK mobile calls cost slightly above EU average

06.08.2013  UK regional projects shortlisted for EU Awards

05.08.2013  Drop in fake goods entering UK

31.07.2013  Don’t forget EU apps in case of mishaps

24.07.2013  Strengthening Europe's defence industry

24.07.2013  EC proposals on credit and debit cards will be good news for consumers and retailers

24.07.2013  EU protection for British hop variety

19.07.2013  UK universities top league for attracting star young researchers

19.07.2013  EC study shows UK Internet users can save nearly £15 a month a month by switching to a better deal

16.07.2013  New EU measures to protect bees

11.07.2013  Don't just translate words. Translate ideas.

10.07.2013  EU and industry to invest GBP 19 billion in research and innovation

09.07.2013  New Package Holiday Rights Proposed

08.07.2013  Easing customs formalities for ships

04.07.2013  Single Market Scoreboard site launched

03.07.2013  More modern state aid rules for aviation

02.07.2013  Better job prospects for young Europeans

01.07.2013  Further cuts to roaming charges

28.06.2013  EU takes a series of key decisions on jobs, SMEs, budget, banks, farms and more

28.06.2013  Croatia joins EU

26.06.2013  EU is not ECHR – PCC upholds EC complaint

25.06.2013  The UK prime destination for international students, second only to US

25.06.2013  Further cuts to roaming charges

24.06.2013  Schwarzenegger meets Barroso on Green Policy

20.06.2013  Channel Tunnel: excessive track charges under scrutiny

19.06.2013  EU goals broadly achieved at G8

18.06.2013  Higher Education: train professors to teach

18.06.2013  ECHO & IRC "On Solid Ground"

17.06.2013  Strawberry Hill wins major EU cultural heritage award

17.06.2013  Fairness tops EU agenda for G8

14.06.2013  Bristol wins European Green Capital 2015

13.06.2013  eCall: automatic emergency calls will cut road deaths

13.06.2013  New measures to improve nuclear safety

11.06.2013  Single European sky: helping to cut flight times and aviation emissions

11.06.2013  European Commission makes further moves to tackle tax evasion, as G8 approaches

10.06.2013  EC and Gates Foundation join forces against malaria

07.06.2013  EC acts to stub out cigarette smuggling

29.05.2013  6 recommendations for UK in CSRs

23.05.2013  UK ports identified in proposed EU upgrade

22.05.2013  Check out Europe's cleanest bathing sites

15.05.2013  Stronger EU cooperation leads to greater consumer safety

08.05.2013  Commission proposes new practical rights for all EU citizens

03.05.2013  UK and EU economies slowly recovering

01.05.2013  Making SMEs central to recovery

24.04.2013  Simplifying recognition of birth certificates across the EU

24.04.2013  UK researchers develop new malaria diagnostic device

22.04.2013  EU recognises women innovators

17.04.2013  Commission welcomes report by the House of Lords EU Committee on fraud against the EU budget

16.04.2013  City of London schoolboy collects translation prize

16.04.2013  Horsemeat scandal: EU-wide tests confirm fraud and not food safety issue

15.04.2013  Safer and greener HGVs en route

10.04.2013  Commission analyses economic imbalances in UK and 12 other EU states

09.04.2013  Navigating maze of green information

08.04.2013  Statement by President Barroso on the death of Baroness Thatcher

05.04.2013  The Science Gender Gap

27.03.2013  Climate and Energy – new framework for 2030

26.03.2013  UK falls to 8th in EU-27 innovation ranking as Europe closes gap with US….but China catches up with both

26.03.2013  King's Cross station restoration wins European acclaim

25.03.2013  UK cultural projects twice as successful as the European average

21.03.2013  Reduced fees for SMEs trading or producing chemicals

21.03.2013  London's Tech City CEO joins "Leaders Club" to inspire next generation of entrepreneurs

19.03.2013  UK records lowest number of road deaths in EU

13.03.2013  Passenger rights – new measures

12.03.2013  Manchester to get £23 million of EU funding for research into new "wonder material"

07.03.2013  Major consultation on Plastic Waste launched with Jeremy Irons

06.03.2013  EU funds to stop female mutilation

01.03.2013  UK research into rare diseases to benefit from EU cash

28.02.2013  EU gender pay gap: closing but more needs to be done

27.02.2013  UK to repay £106m of CAP funding

25.02.2013  Tribute to former British Commissioner

22.02.2013  UK: smoke free legislation reduces emergency hospital admissions

13.02.2013  EU and US launch free trade talks

13.02.2013  Horsemeat fraud – what is the EU doing

05.02.2013  Connect with respect

05.02.2013  Money Laundering: Stronger rules proposed

01.02.2013  Manchester company gets EU Award

29.01.2013  Syrian crisis: EU pledges €100 million for humanitarian aid

29.01.2013  A single market for Mozart, the Beatles, Daft Punk and Adele

28.01.2013  UK scientists secure GBP 46 million for graphene research

28.01.2013  London schoolboy is Britain's best young translator

24.01.2013  Driving electric across Europe

18.01.2013  Driving down licence fraud

11.01.2013  The Untold Story of Urban Refugees

09.01.2013  Interest in being self-employed drops in the UK

08.01.2013  Employment and Social Developments: Women paid less, youth lack the right skill

19.12.2012  Removing attractiveness of tobacco products

14.12.2012  EU leaders endorse first step to banking union plan

13.12.2012  8000 women in Europe are ready for boardrooms

11.12.2012  Competition to find best ways to get people into jobs

10.12.2012  EU collects Nobel Peace Prize

05.12.2012  Global alliance to fight child sexual abuse online

05.12.2012  Guarantee jobless youngsters work or training, EC tells Member States

29.11.2012  Using the single market to make parcel delivery cheaper

29.11.2012  EU space solutions: What space science brings to your life

28.11.2012  Blueprint for Economic and Monetary Union and priorities for growth: Launching a European debate

27.11.2012  Protecting business from misleading marketing practices

23.11.2012  Barroso statement following Council on MFF 2014-2020

22.11.2012  Speech by EC President Barroso on the EU budget framework 2014-2020(European Parliament, 21 November)

20.11.2012  Rethinking Education: The UK, good with computers, bad with languages

16.11.2012  Health in the UK: more GPs, but more antibiotics and more obese people too

15.11.2012  Lesser-known Brits are heavy hitters in Europe

14.11.2012  Women on Boards: Commission proposes 40% objective

07.11.2012  EU Economic forecast 2012-2014

06.11.2012  EU accounts accurate, errors in applying rules affecting 3.9% of EU spending, says Court of Auditors

30.08.2012  Advice for travellers: trains and boats and planes ……

21.08.2012  Educational support for Syrian Children in Jordan

16.08.2012  European shopping guides launched

03.08.2012  Are cross-border venture capital investments hindered by tax problems?

03.08.2012  Spanish coastal law revision welcomed

30.07.2012  Boosting Europe's security industry

27.07.2012  Legal maze on EU cross-border wills to end

27.07.2012  Making sure consumers don't loose out during the Games

26.07.2012  Internet access to GPS data creates business opps

25.07.2012  Libor scandel: Commission proposes EU-wide action to fight rate-fixing

24.07.2012  EU customs detain 115 Million fake products in 2011

20.07.2012  €20.5 million for 8 new UK environment projects

19.07.2012  Helping road crash victims claim compensation

17.07.2012  Triple good news from Brussels for Europe's researchers and innovators

13.07.2012  Tougher EU vehicle tests will help save lives

11.07.2012  Modernising licensing of online music services

10.07.2012  Supporting European cities' smart future

09.07.2012  European Commission announces EU's biggest ever investment in research and innovation, worth £6.5 billion

05.07.2012  Free app on passengers' rights

27.06.2012  More European cooperation to fight tax evasion and stamp out loopholes

25.06.2012  New opportunities for grassroots EU information centres

25.06.2012  Storybook Dads wins European digital award

21.06.2012  EC study highlights weak foreign language skills in UK – but aspiration to get better

19.06.2012  UK has the highest amount of internet shoppers in EU

19.06.2012  Human trafficking strategy adopted

15.06.2012  Helping UK SMEs access finance

14.06.2012  Blood donors, all heroes!

14.06.2012  Guidance for disabled air travellers

08.06.2012  UK Solidarity in hard times

08.06.2012  EC sets out steps to move the single market up a gear

06.06.2012  New European Commission blueprint to avoid taxpayers having to bail out failed banks

30.05.2012  Help boost competitiveness of EU industry

30.05.2012  Commission sets out the next steps for stability, growth and jobs

24.05.2012  EU leaders back Commission growth ideas

23.05.2012  Good news in Bathing Water Report

23.05.2012  Welsh policies to help Roma praised

16.05.2012  Food labelling: clearer rules and tighter controls on claims

15.05.2012  Enterprising Britain 2012

15.05.2012  Road charging schemes should not discriminate against foreign drivers

11.05.2012  Mild recession to slow recovery

10.05.2012  Cheaper roaming and data downloads

09.05.2012  Express your views on the EU

09.05.2012  Barroso: "Kick-starting the stalled engine of EU growth"

08.05.2012  UK among the four most popular destinations for ERASMUS studies

30.04.2012  Over-50s spring online at Europe House

25.04.2012  EU budget increase to pay bills for work already done

24.04.2012  Review of passenger ship safety

23.04.2012  Two UK research projects receive EU award

19.04.2012  British men and women aged 65 have the fifth best prospects in the EU in terms of future healthy life years, according to a new EU survey.

18.04.2012  EC aims to boost employment Europe wide and sets out specific steps for Greece

11.04.2012  Anti- money laundering legislation – state of play

05.04.2012  Simpler car registration rules reduce red tape and costs

03.04.2012  Safer skies across the EU

29.03.2012  Match Day against Hunger

29.03.2012  Cheaper roaming for good

28.03.2012  An EU Centre to fight serious cybercrime

21.03.2012  Giving UK and other EU firms a fair chance at state contracts worldwide – new Commission proposals

21.03.2012  Commission approves UK plans for Royal Mail Group

20.03.2012  Leighton House Museum scoops EU conservation award

19.03.2012  Commission Green Paper seeks to shed light on shadow banking

16.03.2012  London student wins prestigious European prize

15.03.2012  UK recruits sought for EU

14.03.2012  Getting more women on company boards

08.03.2012  Wanted: more women in ICT

02.03.2012  UK women earn 19.5% less than men

02.03.2012  Research and innovation confirmed as drivers of growth and jobs

29.02.2012  Barroso calls for action on Growth Agenda

29.02.2012  Tackling double non-taxation by EU companies

24.02.2012  Spot lamps improved - not banned!

23.02.2012  EU economy: modest growth expected in second half of year

17.02.2012  ECJ ruling clarifies protection for holidaymakers

17.02.2012  Patrick up amongst the stars: Watford schoolboy wins UK Galileo competition

17.02.2012  General Report on the Activities of the European Union in 2011

13.02.2012  London researchers spearhead new EU diabetes drive

10.02.2012  EC hits back at "systematic misrepresentation" by opponents of financial transaction tax

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