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REFIT – Commission making EU law lighter, simpler and less costly
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Published on 18-06-14

The European Commission is today announcing the latest measures under its REFIT programme launched in 2013 to cut red tape emanating from the EU. Existing EU laws are being repealed, proposals for new ones withdrawn, and many other measures are being simplified and made lighter and less costly for business. The Commission is also issuing a scoreboard, summing up progress made so far. At the same time the Commission is urging Member States to take action where unnecessary burdens emanate either from the way they implement EU laws or from their own laws.

    REFIT – Commission making EU law lighter, simpler and less costly

    EC President José Manuel Barroso said: "We want to facilitate the lives of our citizens and businesses by focusing EU law on those issues that are best dealt with at European level, while making it lighter, simpler and less costly. We are making good progress. But results do not come over night. Success demands continued efforts, clear political priorities and ownership by all EU institutions and in particular the Member States. It is crucially important to continue this work in the next legislature."

    What will the Commission do now?

    The Commission will prepare repeals of legislation in these areas: energy labelling, transport rates and conditions, the Common Agricultural Policy and standardized reporting in the area of environment.

    The Commission will withdraw proposals that are either outdated or without sufficient support in the European Parliament or Council to have a realistic prospect of adoption. These include proposals on investor compensation schemes, pregnant workers, aviation security charges and on a compensation fund for oil pollution damage.

    The Commission also considers that new initiatives for simplification and burden reduction are warranted in several areas. These include the simplification of EU legislation on identity and travel documents, the development of a new comprehensive architecture for business statistics, and the development of an EU VAT web portal to inform businesses about national and EU VAT rules.

    The Commission will under the REFIT programme continue to scrutinize and evaluate all relevant EU legislation on a rolling basis, to ensure that it is up to date, fit for purpose and imposes the lightest burdens compatible with being effective.

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