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12 Star Gallery - Exhibitions in 2014
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The 12 Star Gallery is located at Europe House, 32 Smith Square, London SW1P 3EU and shows work which celebrates the creativity and cultural diversity that is the hallmark of the European Union. The gallery is open from 10am-6pm, Monday to Friday.

Sentimenti Ri-tratti

Sentimenti Ri-tratti

Flaminia Mantegazza
Curated by Maurizio Vanni

3 July – 12 September 2014

Small “bricks” of recycled paper emerge from the flat surface of the canvas and bring to life a contrasting performance of colours and shapes that lay the foundations for harmonious portraits and abstract compositions. The exhibition “Sentimenti Ri-tratti”, by the Italo-Brazilian artist Flaminia Mantegazza, has been curated by Maurizio Vanni and shown recently in Italy at the Lucca Centre of Contemporary Art.

Vanni says that “the portraits become suggestive topographical maps where one can feel the personality and character of the subject: an ironical cerebral game that brings the spectator to unite the magic points of the existence. Other works, apparently abstract, arise as an enlarged reality, magnified at the highest intensity, where the lines have fun cheating the eye that is getting less and less trained for sharing. With feelings and universal love, our fantasy is able to colour any surface in black and white, as long as one doesn’t forget that it only needs to give a name to something to make it alive/exist.”

Flaminia Mantegazza, born in Rio de Janeiro, began her artistic career in Rome where she attended the Scuola di Arte Ornamentale at the end of the 1990's. Her most important teachers were Joāo Magalhāes from the Scuola di Arti Visive Parque Lage in Rio de Janeiro and Alberto Parres from the Scuola Porta Blu in Rome. She keeps on searching through the most important European cities, looking and studying urban and metropolitan spaces, noticing their social and anthropologic aspects. Flaminia Mantegazza is currently attracted by the "art & craft" of recycling. She works and lives in Rome.

Organised by the Italian Cultural Institute, London


Memory of History by Lewis Bush

Memory of History by Lewis Bush

17  –  26 September 2014

The Memory of History explores the use and abuse of the past in the context of recession. Photographed across ten European countries in 2012 at the height of the crisis, it consists of a series of photographs that refer to specific historic events, but which can also be read as visual metaphors for the difficulties of the present.

The Great War 1914 – 18, Selected Photographs from the In Flanders Fields Museum Photographic Collection

The Great War 1914 – 18, Selected Photographs from the In Flanders Fields Museum Photographic Collection

1 - 10 October 2014

This exhibition shows photographs that belong to the collection of the In Flanders Fields Museum in Ieper (Flanders). Some of them were donated by or purchased from veterans’ families and evoke personal memories that were only shared with others after their deaths. Others were collected from news agencies, from all sides of the conflict and give a ‘controlled’ representation of the First World  War.

They were selected by Stephan Vanfleteren, a renowned Belgian photographer, who has received several international awards for his work. The selection was based not on historical significance but on what the images triggered in the photographer, as aesthetic and moral images, viewed by human beings who stop today or are stopped in their tracks by the horror of a century ago.

Organised by the Representation of the Government of Flanders in the UK.


Ibérica by Ricky Dávila

Ibérica by Ricky Dávila

20 portraits and landscapes that reflect contemporary Iberian experience.

14 - 24 October 2014 

As part of Spain NOW! 2014, the annual season of contemporary art and culture from Spain and in collaboration with PhotoEspaña - now in its 17th year - we present the work of outstanding contemporary Spanish photographer, Ricky Dávila.

With over 20 years' experience, Dávila's work has been shown at some of the most important galleries and photography events both in Spain and internationally and has won him many awards including Best American Picture Prize and the FotoPress Award.

Metal: A Vision

Metal: A Vision

29 October - 7 November 2014

The National Academy of Arts in Sofia presents a vibrant exhibition showing sculptures by four young artists from Professor Velislav Minekoff's M.A. class: Metal. Zlatin Orlov, Michaela Kamenova, Biser Nedialkov and Vencislav Shishkov will show visually exciting pieces using special techniques in working with metal; exploring casting, colour and image to capture movement and shape.

The exhibition is curated by the artists themselves with the kind support of Europe House, Bulgarian Cultural Institute and the National Academy of Arts in Sofia, Department of Applied Arts “Metal”, organised by Milena Borden.

Image: Form by Zlatin Orlov (photo by B. Stefanoff)

The Path of Litvak Artists

The Path of Litvak Artists

12 - 21 November 2014

An exhition “The Path of Litvak Artists" is the showing of long-accumulated works by famous Litvak representatives of the École de Paris, from the collections of Lithuanian Expatriate Art Foundation and Lewben Art Foundation.

The artists Marc Chagall, Pinchus Krémègne, Michael Kikoïne, Theo Tobiasse, Emmanuel Mané-Katz, Simon Glatzer, Ossip Zadkine, Jacques Lipchitz, Max Band, Neemiya Arbit Blatas, and others, formed the new trend of French Expressionism in art, and enriched the artistic expression of modern European art.

Litvaks who were born into and raised in religious Jewish families in small towns in Eastern Europe, or shtetls, brought a unique perception and outlook to Paris. In Litvak art, the Jewish shtetl culture and their distinctive approach to national art became intertwined with the trends that prevailed in art at the time in Paris, such as Post-Impressionism, Cubism, Futurism and Fauvism. This synthesis shaped a trend in the École de Paris that was also known as French, or French-Jewish, Expressionism.

The works presented in the exhibition reflect the individuality of the artists and the stylistic diversity of French Expressionism: they depict Paris, a city of dreams, its inhabitants, details of interiors, and places in France and other countries favoured by the artists as participants in plein-airs.

Exhibition organizer: Lewben Art Foundation supported  by the Embassy of Lithuania in the UK

Picture: Sleep by Marc Chagall

More information about Lewben Art Foundation:

UNESCO – Germany’s Greatest Treasures

UNESCO – Germany’s Greatest Treasures

26 November – 5 December 2014

Photography is the perfect medium with which to convey the exciting diversity and the dignity of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.  This travelling exhibition of panoramas captured by photographer Hans-Joachim Aubert, has already received great acclaim in more than 40 countries, across all continents. The photographs highlight UNESCO World Heritage’s full range, from the Wadden Sea in the North of Germany, to ancient lake dwellings at Lake Constance.

For a special preview of the exhibition please go to the German UNESCO Commission homepage


Previous exhibitions



18 - 28 June 2014

A cycle of 28 paintings resulting from Kiev-based artist Matvey Vaisberg's months in the Maidan culminating in depictions of the final three days of hostilities.

Organised by the Embassy of Ukraine.

"Gerald Howson - a very Polish affair"

"Gerald Howson - a very Polish affair"

27  May – 13 June 2014 

In 1959, Gerald Howson was commissioned by the British magazine “The Queen” to provide a photographic illustration to an article about cold-war Poland. At that time, Howson worked as a fine art painter. He had only just taken up photography, but without much ado, he packed his two cameras into a rucksack, grabbed some developing chemicals and set out for Poland.

After an arduous journey through Europe, Gerald Howson first visited Krakow and Nowa Huta. Then he travelled to Lublin and finally to Warsaw. Though not speaking a word of Polish, quite undaunted, he was coming up close to people he photographed. This diminutive British gentleman went about documenting life in Poland differently from Polish photographers of the time. The painterly quality of his art left an indelible mark on each and every image he took.

Curated by Bogdan Frymorgen

Organised by the Polish Cultural Institute in London

poi  dsh

Modern Greek Printmaking

Modern Greek Printmaking

7 - 23 May 2014

Selected works from the Yannis Papaconstantinou Collection 

To celebrate the Greek Presidency of the EU Council (January – June 2014), and in cooperation with the European Commission Representation in London, the Hellenic Foundation for Culture, UK presents the exhibition Modern Greek Printmaking: Selected works from the Yannis Papaconstantinou Collection. The exhibition is organized under the auspices of the Embassy of Greece and is part of the HFC’s Greece in Britain series of events, illustrating the wealth and diversity of contemporary Greek culture.

Featuring prints by forty five leading 20th century Greek artists, this exhibition will include woodcuts, copper engravings, etchings, lithographs and lino cuts -some of them rare- from the collection of Yannis Papaconstantinou, who has curated the show. Representative of the major artists and trends in 20th century Greek printmaking, the selection on display is drawn from one of the most important private Greek print collections which encompasses more than 1,000 works by 250 Greek artists of the 19th and 20th century.

GR 2014

FINNOVATIONS - Independent Footwear Design by Julia Lundsten and Aki Choklat

16 April – 2 May 2014


Internationally-acclaimed Footwear designers Julia Lundsten and Aki Choklat will join forces for a retrospective exhibition showcasing their works as two Finland's leading designers. 

The exhibition examines the common vision shared by two designers; a nomadic spirit, pure uncompromising design, Nordic inspiration but also an international approach. Having both graduated from world-renowned Royal College of Art and running their own successful labels for more than 10 years between them, the pairing of these two designers is the perfect way to showcase very different but yet similar approaches to Footwear design.

While Julia creates products for women that showcase and celebrate female power, Aki incorporates the female into his menswear range in subtle and different way, each giving the viewer a carefully curated and unique perspective on their Finnovations.

Formin  AKI

Art Without Borders

Art Without Borders

2 - 11 April 2014 

The International Syrlin Art Society in Stuttgart, Germany, currently has 230 members in Europe and beyond.  The Society represents artists who produce all forms of fine art and each year it’s involved in numerous prestigious exhibitions and international artists’ exchange programmes, e.g. with Cuba in 2013.  It’s also represented at well-known international art fairs via the Syrlin Gallery.

This exhibition will include selected works of contemporary art such as painting, collage, emballage, sculpture and object art, as well as FotoArt and digital art.  The artwork on display includes sculptures by Max Seiz, the most internationally famous artist of the group.



The Backward Glance

The Backward Glance

19 - 28 March 2014

An exhibition of paintings in oil and watercolour by Bernard Canavan

In this exhibition Bernard Canavan documents the changes of how Ireland has transformed since the eighteenth century based on his own experience having left Ireland to work in London over 25 years ago. The causes for this modern transformation can be particularly marked from Ireland's entry into Europe when it emerged as an important business and technology centre of the European Union. 

Canavan's work is an attempt to record some of the significant changes especially from the social and spiritual aspect and his pictures illustrate the wider evidence of Ireland's transformation during this period. 

Organised by the Irish Embassy in London



5 - 15 March 2014

‘Tung-Wen Margue’s series of London paintings –saturated colours on a black background - are abstract cityscapes and street reflections. Colours bounce off a surface resembling the wet tarmac… of London!’

Organized by the Embassy of Luxembourg in London



Piran Salt Pans by Arne Hodalič

Piran Salt Pans by Arne Hodalič

5 - 28 February 2014

Arne Hodalič is best known for his photographic essays featured in publications worldwide, most notably in National Geographic Magazine. His photojournalistic career spanning over two decades took him to assignments in Sudan, Russia, China and everywhere in between.

With current exhibition, he is returning closer to home with iconic landscape of Slovenian Piran Salt Pans. They are among those rare salt pans in the world where salt is produced using centuries-old processes, involving entirely natural crystallisation, working by hand and employing tools and procedures used by our ancestors.

Organized by the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in London with the assistance of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia

Embassy of Slovenia  Slovenia Ministry of Culture 

European Treasures by Philip Tsiaras

European Treasures by Philip Tsiaras

15 - 31 January 2014

European Treasures is 20 year-long photographic investigation of classical architectural monuments. Tsiaras’ iconoclastic images are altered, fragmented, hand painted, black and white photographs that deconstruct and reinvent traditionally known landmarks. The Parthenon, Versailles, Tower of Pisa and other overindulged iconic treasures are vastly transfigured in these photographs, taking on newly embellished, modernist, revitalized facades.



Sophie Sarin was the first artist to exhibit at the European Commission's offices, in December 2005, with her show 'Chaos to Order'. There has followed a series of exhibitions by artists from all over Europe (and beyond) working in media such as film, sculpture, photography and paint. See here for lists of previous exhibitions: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013.

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