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Europe in the UK
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Should you have any EU-related enquires please direct them in the first instance to your nearest Europe Direct centre or one of the specialist network members listed here.

The London Office co-ordinates the European Commission's activities in the UK and takes specific responsibility for England.

Jacqueline Minor
Head of Representation

Responsible for representing the European Commission and reporting to it. Overall responsibility for the UK Representation and the three Offices in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales' activities. Commission Spokesperson in the UK.

Tel: 0207 973 1921
E-mail: Jacqueline.minor at

Jacqueline Minor

Jacqueline Minor

Alessandra Vota
Personal Assistant to Head of Representation

Tel: 020 7973 1906
E-mail: alessandra.vota at

Alessandra Vota

Alessandra Vota

Political department

Christine Dalby 
Deputy Head of Representation and Head of Political Sector

Tel: 0207 973 1981
E-mail: christine.dalby at

Christine Dalby

Christine Dalby

Mark Williams
Diplomatic Liaison / Assistant

Tel: 0207 973 1902
E-mail: mark.williams at

Kyle Galler
Political Officer

Principal economic policy analyst and European semester officer.

Tel: 0207 973 1940
E-mail: kyle.galler at

Kyle Galler

Kyle Galler

Jan Krauss
Political Officer

Liaising with government, parliament, business, trade unions and civil society. He covers employment and social policy, business and competitiveness issues, education, health and consumer affairs.

Tel: 0207 973 1905
E-mail: jan.krauss at

Jan Krauss

Jan Krauss

Joana Cruz-Schilling
Political Officer

Tel: 0207 973 1966
E-Mail: joana.cruz-schilling at

Joana Cruz-Schilling

Joana Cruz-Schilling

Caroline Morgan
Political Officer

Tel: 0207 973 1951
E-Mail: caroline.morgan at

Francesca Manchi
Assistant political and information officer

Liaising with government, parliament, business, trade unions and civil society. She covers envrinoment, agriculture, climate change and energy.

Tel: 0207 973 1979
E-mail: francesca.manchi at

Francesca Manchi

Francesca Manchi

Press Office

Mark English
Head of Media

Contact for Economic and financial issues, inc financial services and competition, Employment and social policy, International development and Online media.

Tel: 0207 973 1986
E-mail: mark.english at

Mark English

Mark English

Jennifer Hutton
Senior Press Officer

Contact for Single market in people, goods, services, Education and youth, including foreign language learning, Consumer policy,Health, Industrial policy and entrepreneurship, EU expansion and neighbourhood policy.

Tel: 020 7973 1970
E-mail: jennifer.hutton at

David D'Arcy
Senior press Officer

Contact for Foreign affairs, Trade, Development, Home affairs, Energy, Environment, Climate change, Culture and Sport.

Tel: 020 7973 1912
E-mail: david.d'arcy at

David D'Arcy

David D'Arcy

Albena Dimitrova-Borisova
Press Officer

Contact for EU Budget, Regional policy, Administration and personnel, Transport, Taxation and Customs,Digital economy, English regional and local media.

Tel: 020 7973 1971
E-mail: albena.dimitrova-borisova at

Kevin Baulch
webmaster (

Tel: 0207 973 1997
E-mail: kevin.baulch at

Niklas Vestberg
Information and Communication Assistant

Contact for Administrative support to section, Web and multimedia content development

Tel: 020 7973 1971
E-mail: niklas.vestberg at


Maria Kelly
Head of Admin

Tel: 0207 973 1949
E-Mail: maria.kelly at

Anne Jung
Administrative Assistant - contracts and tenders

Tel: 0207 973 1957
E-Mail: anne-helene.jung at

Veronica De Ranieri
Administrative Assistants - Accounts

Tel: 0207 973 1919
E-mail: veronica.deranieri at

Valerie Blackwood Cope
Administrative Assistants - Accounts

Tel: 0207 973 1955
E-mail: valerie.blackwood-cope at

Frances Daley
Assistant - Human Resources

Tel: 0207 973 1974
E-mail: frances.daley at

Marco Casalaz
Administrative Assistants - Accounts

Tel: 0207 973 1950
E-mail: marco.casalaz at

Philip Hughes

Tel: 0207 973 1915
E-mail: at


Marie-Madeleine Kanellopoulou
Head of Communication, Networks and Partnerships

Tel: 0207 973 1980
E-mail: marie-madeleine.kanellopoulou at

Jeremy O'Sullivan
Cultural Attaché

Responsible for liaising with EU member states' embassies, institutes of culture, and arts organisations, and in developing joint cultural projects. Also, manages the Representation's cultural events; runs its gallery, and edits its culture newsletter.

Tel: 020 7973 1961
E-mail: jeremy.o'sullivan at

Jeremy O'Sullivan

Jeremy O'Sullivan

Silvia Cobo Benito
School liaison & Publications Manager

Responsible for providing schools, libraries and similar organisations with publications and promotional items to support their efforts in raising awareness about the EU.

Tel: 020 7973 1939
E-mail: Silvia.cobo-benito at

Silvia Cobo Benito

Silvia Cobo Benito

Lorenzo Careddu
Information & Communication Assistant - Event Organiser

Manages the Representation's participation in fairs and exhibitions.

Tel: 020 7973 1952
E-mail: lorenzo.careddu at

Lorenzo Careddu

Lorenzo Careddu

Elaine Davies
Information and Communication Assistant - Europe Direct Co-ordinator

Support and coordinate information and communication networks of the Commission across the United Kingdom.

Tel: 0207 973 1982
E-mail: elaine.davies at

Angelique Petrits
Language Officer

Tel: 020 7973 1963
E-Mail: angelique.petrits at

Paul Kaye
Language Officer

Tel: 020 7973 1968
E-Mail: paul.kaye at

Paul Kaye

Paul Kaye

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