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This is the last weekly round-up of this summer. We will resume beginning of September. In the meantime, the London press office is available as usual for media queries.


A new fast-track procedure to enable consumers and SMEs to settle small claims cheaply, quickly and hassle-free came into force across the EU today (14 July). 


Kihnu, an Estonian island in the Gulf of Riga, situated an hour’s ferry ride away from the coast, has thanks to its women retained a culture that has cemented its position as part of UNESCO’s list of intangible cultural heritage since 2003. This unique European and Baltic culture is thus now officially acknowledged and protected. Whereas Kihnu’s men – for the most part sailors and fishermen – brought innovation and novelty to the island, the women, that we could qualify as ‘cultural guardians’, where more conservative and tended to the affairs of the island.

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