September 2000, Amsterdam - Projects - Finland

Maria Rantakyla (19)
School: Mattlidends Gymnasium
Hobbies: tennis, skiing, reading
Career intention: engineer

The use of Chebyshev's formula in the numerical approximation of definite integrals
Numerical approximation of definite integrals is an area of mathematics frequently used in modern computer technology. My mathematics teacher inspired me and suggested this area. My essay is about the use of Chebyshev's formula in the numerical approximation of definite integrals. In particular, it focuses on presenting the formula, comparing it to two other methods of numerical integration; the trapezoidal rule and Simpson's rule. Chebyshev's formula and its connection to Lagrangian interpolation is explained. The two other methods are briefly presented, and the three methods are compared on the basis of an example.

Kalle Salonen (19)
School: Uotilanrinteen lukio
Hobbies: science
Career intention: engineer, chemist or physicist ingenieur

Photosynthesis oxygen production by Elodea Densa
I have been interested in photosynthesis for a long time, especially to see how plants produce oxygen. My independant biology course at school gave me an opportunity to carry out this project.
I have examined the oxygen production of waterplants. For my research I used Elodea Densa, a South American waterplant. The volume of oxygen produced by photosynthesis was used as the basis for the measurement; it can be measured with very simple equipment. I build the equipment for measuring the oxygen, changing the light intensity and wavelength myself, almost completely from parts found at home .