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Research Successes

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  • Working towards greener enginesexternal link
    The global car industry faces a big challenge to develop engines that are both efficient and environmentally friendly. But a family-owned Austrian company is hoping to find an answer through research into new technologies like hydrogen fuel cells and nanocomposites.
  • Robotic assistants for workers on the factory floorexternal link
    Electric cars are the most likely environmental-friendly replacement for combustion engine-powered vehicles. To help industry make the expected transition, the EU-funded LOCOBOT project has developed reconfigurable robotic assistants to increase productivity on the assembly line – reducing costs. And as the robots are so adaptable, they will be particularly useful for the new and varied production processes expected in electric-car manufacturing.

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Latest Publications

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  • Innovation for our future mobility

    The projects showcased in this folder give you an overview of some of the results from European transport research and the impact they could have on our future society and your future mobility.

    The Transport Directorate of the European Commission's DG for Research and Innovation strives to support excellent European research projects in the field ...