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  • This page only contains FP7 related information.

Research Successes

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  • Getting freight on the right track, from road to railexternal link
    If you've ever been stuck on the motorway in a tailback of polluting heavy goods vehicles, then you'll welcome this EU-funded project to reduce the burden of freight on the roads by moving it to rail with a new loading system. The method, which also saves rail freight companies both time and money, is already being introduced in one Italian port.
  • Elastic road surface reduces motorway noise pollutionexternal link
    Noise pollution is still an issue on Europe's roads. But thanks to technological advances, it's less down to the sound of the car's engine and more about how tyres touch the road surface. One solution is being tested in Denmark where part of the road has been covered with experimental surface material that dampens the tyre noise.

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