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Posted on: 23 June 2016

Ex-post evaluation of science in society in FP7

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The Ex-post evaluation of science in society in FP7 (full report and executive summary) has now been published. It assesses the rationale, design and implementation of the Science in Society programme (predecessor programme to Science with and for Society) and evaluates its achievements, impacts and EU added value. Policy responses to the Ex-post evaluation of SiS are documented in Ex-post Evaluation of Science in Society in FP7 – Unit RTD B7 response to recommendations.

Posted on: 22 March 2016

She Figures 2015

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The She Figures 2015 is the 'go-to' document for anyone interested in gaining a more comprehensive understanding of the current state of gender equality in research and innovation in the European Union. In addition to comparable statistics on women and men amongst PhD graduates, researchers and decision-makers, it sheds light on differences in working conditions. It also presents for the first time the situation of men and women in scientific publications and patent applications, as well as the inclusion of the gender dimension in scientific articles

The She Figures was produced in close collaboration between the European Commission, Eurostat, the Helsinki Group on Gender in Research and Innovation and Statistical Correspondents.


Posted on: 05 August 2015

New report on Science Education: “Science Education for Responsible Citizenship”

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This publication on science education offers a 21st century vision for science for society within the broader European agenda. It is the culmination of many months of work by a group of experts brought together by the European Commission in 2014. As the world becomes more inter-connected and globally competitive, new economic opportunities often come hand in hand with complex societal challenges. Therefore, we must engage all of society in research and innovation processes. We must provide the space for open, inclusive and informed discussions on the research and technology decisions that will impact citizens' lives. This report is aimed primarily at science education policy makers. It identifies the main issues involved in helping citizens to access scientific debate; it provides guidance on how industry can contribute to science education; and it proposes a new framework for all types of science education from formal, to non-formal and informal approaches


Posted on: 19 January 2015

How to go about Responsible Research and Innovation-Social Sciences and Humanities in ICT-related areas of Work Programme 2016-2017?

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On Feb 2 at 14.00, the Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology organises an Info-Day, for all those interested in addressing properly responsible research and innovation in the topics with a deadline in 2015.
On Feb 3 at 9.30, a workshop is organised to discuss about the mainstreaming of Responsible Research and Innovation and the integration of SSH (social sciences and humanities) in the research to be called for in the next workprogramme, i.e. WP16-17.

Registration is free.

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Posted on: 19 December 2014

Symposium-Forum Reinventing the Science and Society Alliance – A democratic imperative, Paris 7-9 January 2015


The interactions between society the research institutions are the subject of numerous debates. This symposium-forum which is a first step in a long process that will gain momentum over time, aims at renewing and strengthening the ties between science and society.

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