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Integration of Social Sciences and Humanities in Horizon 2020: Participants, Budget and Disciplines

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This fourth Monitoring Report on Integration of SSH across Horizon 2020 shows that on many aspects progress has been made since the start of the programme. However, it also illustrates that more efforts are needed to get the results strived for in this policy area. Overall, the quantitative data presented by this publication indicate how well the policy of SSH Integration and interdisciplinarity is being followed up in practice.


Solidarity in Europe - Alive and Active

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Research shows that there is clear citizen support for solidarity actions and policies in Europe. Yet, this is variable, nuanced, conditional, fragile and tied to identity. There is strong evidence of attitudes supporting help for people in need, reduction of wealth disparities and willingness to support other countries in financial difficulty.


Innovation in cultural heritage research

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The extraordinary context of this policy paper is the launch of the first European Year of Cultural Heritage in 2018. This is a notable attempt to assess the potentials and challenges of a shared European cultural heritage. Research on these complex challenges is to provide evidence and advice towards better education, cultural, social and other policies at European, national and regional levels.


Social Innovation as a Trigger for Transformations

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This Policy Paper examines the role of Social Innovation in Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) research, especially in those research projects funded under FP6 and 7, as well as Horizon 2020.





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An ever closer union among the peoples of Europe?
Scientific research in social sciences and the humanities funded by the European Commission shows that socioeconomic inequalities have generally increased in the EU over the last 20 years.

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