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Seminar "The World in 2025 - Conclusions from the European Foresight Expert Group"

24 September 2009, Brussels,
Charlemagne building, rue de la Loi 170 (room Sicco Mansholt)

This Seminar first highlighted the main trends up to 2025 (demography, urbanisation, macro-economic projections, education, science and culture). Secondly, it underlined the tensions on natural resources and the new production-consumption patterns while attempting to identify the so-called "wild cards". Thirdly, the potential transitions were evoked (multi-polar world, socio-ecology, beyond technological innovation). Finally, the next steps in European foresight and forward-looking activities were presented by the European Commission.

This Seminar benefited from the inputs of a European Expert Group "The World in 2025" set up by the European Commission in 2008 (cf. individual contributions( 7.40MB)) and from the reflections of several Directorates-General of the European Commission (cf. synthetic paper ( 816KB))