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EU-US Summit on Science, Technology and Sustainable Economic Growth Post Carbon Transitions, Visions and Challenges

29 September 2011, European Commission, 73 Rue Archimède, Brussels, Belgium

On 29 September, the European Commission organized a conference in Brussels on "Post Carbon Transitions, Visions and Challenges".

This conference concluded a year-long dialogue between Europe and the US on science, innovation and sustainable economic growth. This dialogue has enhanced our understanding of the ways in which science and innovation affect sustainable economic growth, has identified impediments to the flow of science from the "bench" to applications; and has explored policy options that might enhance the impact of science on economic activity and societal needs.

This conference was structured into two sessions: "Visions of post carbon world" and "Transition challenges". It took stock of several EU research projects and covered socio-economic, scientific and technological aspects within a forward-looking perspective. It tackled the issues of energy, environment and land-use issues in a cross-sectorial and multidisciplinary way.

This conference was an opportunity for academics, national authorities, stakeholders and EU policy makers to meet, interact and to exchange on the main current and future issues on science, technology and sustainable economic growth related to a post-carbon society.