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Work-care tensions: the impact of labour market transitions across generations and around family formation WORKCARE SYNERGIES project European-level dissemination event

01 September 2011, Brussels, Belgium
International Trade Union House (ITUH),
10th Floor, EMF meeting room Boulevard du Roi Albert II, 5, 1210

The WORKCARE SYNERGIES project (FP7 dissemination support action) will organise a European-level dissemination event in Brussels on 1 September 2011 (11h30 - 13h30 at the ETUI Monthly Forum, Brussels). The meeting will start with a brief presentation of the overall project WORKCARE SYNERGIES and an introduction on work-care tensions by Michaela Gstrein, the coordinator of the project. Following on that, the British team (Jacky O'Reilly and David Lain from the University of Brighton) will elaborate on labour market transitions across generations, as well as around family formation.

They will present research findings trying to answer to questions such as: what happens to people as they move between different employment statuses, do part-time and temporary workers remain in these jobs, do they move on to something better, or do they fall out of employment, and what factors and policies are associated with these transitions.

WORKCARE SYNERGIES is a 7FP support action with the aim of summarising and disseminating research findings of some 20 previous EU-funded research projects in the field of work-care balancing, and initiating their discussion in a local context. The project has operated in parallel to the European-level consultations of the FAMILYLATFORM (in order to draft a European Research Agenda for Families and Family Policies - see